Certainly we have it. Almighty’s love for as is paripoornam-abounding. The only worry He has is that His beloved children are busy, trying to derive contentment from the material world which only offers fleeting pleasures.

We try for the water from the cloud ignoring the water in the hand. We know little children turn down delicious food offered by their mothers and eat the clay in the yard. We are just like those children who are turning down the infinite bliss and seeking transient happiness. Sriman Narayana is indeed very anxious to offer us the boundless bliss, only if we seek His help.

 It is virtually impossible for us to attain Him with our own efforts. Hence He has given us an extremely easy solution.

If we surrender ourselves totally to God without any reservation and follow His mighty and able directions, He shall give us everything we need. We have to regard ourselves as a soldier and He, as the Commander-in-Chief.  As the most efficient commander-in-Chief. He can guide; as well and help us to cross this turbulent sea of worries. But if we do not put the total responsibility on Him and be responsible and take credit for good things and leave the bad to the Lord, then, He will let us have our way and you know how efficient that will be!

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