Sitanagaram Vedic School Sitanagaram Asramam established by HH Chinnajeeyar Swamiji in 1984 Perumal Aradhana at Sitanagaram Yagasala Thirttha Sadanam A:LOK Studio Sri:Kosam Library Sriman Printing Press started by Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji in 1950 Sitanagaram Gosala

About Sitanagaram Asramam

In 1984, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji established JEEYAR EDUCATIONAL TRUST VEDIC UNIVERSITY in a serene environment on the Southern banks of sacred river Krishna in Sitanagaram, Guntur district. HH Sri Swamiji established this institution to educate the world about the greatness of Vedas and Agamas. These scriptures reveal the secrets of the universe and elaborate the procedures of yajnas, homas and temple rituals. A Vedic school was started and 70 students were recruited as part of an initial effort.

The asram which started as a small room with a thatched roof, expanded over the years into a full fledged functional asramam. The asramam now has a prayer hall, yagasala, Srikosam library containing ancient and rare manuscripts, ALOK – a recording studio, Ramanuja Vani – a books store, a printing press, a computer lab and quarters for teachers and students.

Currently, students exclusively study Pancharathra Agama in the asram in a gurukulam setting.

Free Food Distribution

Free Food Distribution Nithya Annadanam is conducted to atleast 200 people every day Food Preparation Room


Mailing Address :
Jeeyar Educational Trust
Sithanagaram, Guntur Dist. 522501
Andhra Pradesh , India
Tel: 08645-272929

Accommodation is limited. Please call 08694 – 272929 to confirm.

By Rail/Road

If coming by train, get down in Vijayawada.
Take auto to Sitanagaram – Jeeyar Asram. Asram is about 20 minutes away from station.

By Air

Come to Vijayawada airport and pick auto/taxi to come to Jeeyar Mutt, Sitanagaram.

Our Services


✿ Those who sponsor Rs.1000/- can have their gotra namams chanted in the daily archana to the Lord for one year.
✿ Nithya Ashtakshari Homam is performed every morning and evening since many years.
✿The suggested donation to sponsor Ashtakshari Homam on your behalf for one day is Rs.516/-.
✿ The suggested donation to sponsor Ashtakshari Homam on your behalf for one entire year is Rs.10,008/-.
✿ Sudarsana homams, Ayushu homams and other kainkaryams to the Lord are available on request. For details contact the Sitanagaram office.
✿ Those who donate Rs.6000/- on behalf of their dear ones on special days such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc or in the name of their departed elders, can sponsor Tadiyaradhana for that particular day.
✿ You can donate in cash or kind for annadanam.
✿ Current requirements – groceries, infrastructure, etc.


Wonderful feeling. We performed Sudarsana homa as our astrologer recommended it to remove troubles we were facing in business. The Vedic priests Sri Srinivasa charyulu and Sri Madhu Swamy performed it so well without skipping any steps. In no time, all our troubles vanished and our struggles since past 5 years ended.
K. Chandrababu
Every year I perform thadiyaradhana in the name of my deceased husband. Vedas tell that it is good for the soul to do annadanam on that day. What would be a better place than this asram which houses Vedic students and pandits. Besides even the lower class poor people are fed here. Everyone eat their hearts content. I am very happy as the asram is giving us such opportunity to do these type of functions too.


Nearby Places To Visit

It is very famous for Kondapally toys known as kondapally Bommalu. They are world famous artistic wonders. The most popular toys include Dasavatarams (ten avatars of Lord Vishnu) elephants with Ambari, palanquin-bearers carrying the bride and bridegroom, as well as various animals.
Lord Narasimha swamy temple, the Lord Vishnu stays present in Mangalagiri ,who manifested himself as Thotadri. There are three narasimha swamy temples namely Panakala Narasimha Swamy, Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and Gandala Narasimha Swamy.

The speciality of mangalagiri is The temple is opened only from morning to afternoon. It is believed that gods perform puja to god in the night. Here Lord is offered sweet jaggery water. The jaggery water is poured into the wide opened mouthof the Lord. While pouring,we can hear the sound , like some
one is drinking water. When the sound stops, the priest will stop pouring and remaining water is taken as shesa prasadam. And this is the place where without ants even though the place is full of jaggery water.

Kuchipudi is a village in Movva mandal in Krishna district . The classical Indian dance form of Kuchipudi is originated from this village.
Amaravathi is a town also referred as Amareswaram, for its famous Amareswara temple dedicated to Lord Siva, which is one of the famous Pancharamas.
Undavalli Caves is a thousand year old temple which is mainly known for its single stone 25 feet Ranganatha Statue, other specialties of this temple are the pillars and carvings.

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