He helps those who accept His commands. He wants us to work without anxiety for the fruits of actions, if we are worried about the fruits of action our work will not be done sincerely. It should not be renunciation of action but renunciation in action. “Do the work but do not expect the fruits.
This is what Krishna said and which is called Nishkaama Karma. Once two frogs took a stroll to a dairy- farm. Accidentally both of them fell into a bucket of cream. One frog said to the other “There is no way of getting out of this, cream is too slimy to jump out and too thick to swim. This is the end of us and so let us die.” The second frog said “No, we should keep on trying. Let us keep on paddling “. The first frog did not want to put in any effort even while dying; it was so lazy, sank down and died. The other frog without anticipating any fruits of its action kept on paddling, till morning, by which time it became a great sight to see as the frog was sitting on a ball of butter which floats naturally and enjoying a hearty meal of the flies which were attracted to the butter. This story illustrates niskhama karma preached by Lord Krishna.
If we have abundant faith in Him and trust Him to help us in every activity of ours then, self effort is rewarded by Him.
Candle lit and exposed to breeze is an example often quoted. Would God keep the candle glowing if exposed to the breeze? For most of us this cannot happen, but if we have undoubting faith in Him, in every conceivable activity of ours, He Himself will help the candle to glow by putting an unseen protection or you will enclose it with a glass shield and you would think that you are protecting the light. But do not forget that He gave you the knowledge to do that. It can, therefore, be concluded that every effort is from Him only and for Him alone.
To quote Bhagavat Gita ” You do the work that is recommended to you without expecting any reward. I bless you with its fruits “.

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