HH PEDDA JEEYAR SWAMIJI ESTABLISHED BADARI ASHTAKSHARI KSHETHRAM IN 1950 Only Place Where Rice is Served to Visitors Daily Prasadam Distributed to Sadhus Sri Rama Krathu Pillar Installed by HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji After Chanting Sampurna Ramayanam for 27 Days Lord Naranarayana Utsava Perumal given by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji Badarinath Temple Koti Havana Mahakrathu performed by HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji in 1954 and HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in 2009

About Badari Asramam

Badari, a holy place on the Earth, floating spiritual vibrations down to the Earth from a height of 10,250 feet in Himalayas. The Great Narayana Manthra was revealed to this world from here only.

Our Ashtakshari Kshethram situated on Nara mountain,welcomes all the pilgrims with good shelter and free food (Prasadam). Badari Nath has a beautiful Temple of Lord Narayana, opened only for summer 6 months and remains closed during winter. Badarinath as said in our Puranas, is a place where Lord Narayana is in the form of Mountains doing penance for the peaceful world.

Our Ashtakshari Kshethram set up in this holy place by HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji in 1950s is a boon to all those devotees who come on pilgrimage to this place. HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji performed Narayana Ashtakshari Koti Havana Maha Krathu here in 1952 ! Since then Annadanam is performed to Sadhus in our Ashtakshari Kshethram every year during all the open days.

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Ashtakshari Kshethram
Badarinath, Chamoli Dst, Uttaranchal, India246422
Phone: 7895602037 (Sriman Sridhar – Caretaker)

Each room has 2 cots and beds with attached bathroom. Comforters are also provided. Drinking water and hot water is available on request. Prasadam/Food is served to devotees at all times.

How to book

After reaching Rushikesh, contact the Rushikesh office OR one of the below members

Ashtakshari Kshetram, Badarinath : +917895017156
Sridhar : +917895602037
Venugopal : +919440482325
Venkateshwar Rao C : +919392334135 [whatsapp] Email : [email protected]

Jeeyar Muth : +911352434769
Sri Sharath Kumar : +917895094180

From Rushikesh to Badarinath

By Rail: Reach Delhi, take another train from Delhi to reach Haridwar or Dehradun.
Take a taxi or auto to reach Rushikesh Jeeyar Mutt.

By Air: Travel from Delhi to Dehradun Airport.
Jeeyar Ashram is 24 kms from Dehradun.

Pick a taxi to reach Jeeyar Mutt which is 35 minutes away from the airport
From Rushikesh take a taxi or a bus to go to Badrinath.
Ask for Andhra Asramam or Ashtakshari Kshethram to reach Akstakshari Matt

Our Services

Thadeeyaradhana to Sadhus and poor people.
Thadeeyaradhana to Sadhus and poor people.
Tadeeyaradhana service is available to all the visitors of Asram at Badri.
Tadeeyaradhana service is available to all the visitors of Asram at Badri.
Warm clothes distribution.
Warm clothes distribution.
First Aid Help.
First Aid Help.


When we affected with the anger of river ganga.. Bardrinath Asram given us a lot of support. The Lord Srimannarayana helped us in the way of Badri Asram
Ramesh Naik
This is only the place where you will get south indian food. Annadata Sukhibhava



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✿ Comforters/Rugs
✿ Bedsheets
✿ Cooking provisions
✿ Infrastructure for dining halls etc
✿ Who ever donates 1 lakh or above for annadanam will be included in Lifetime Sponsor of Sasvatha Annadana Nidhi. They can come to Badrinath and directly participate in Annadanam.  Accommodation for 4 days will be given free of charge. They will also be gifted with HH Mangalasasanams certificate
✿ Those who donate Rs.6000/- on behalf of their dear ones on special days such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc or in the name of their departed elders, can have Tadeeyaradhana conducted on that particular day..

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There might be a guru or a disciple who doesn’t do sadhana. Manthra will not fructify to either of them if they do not do their sadhana properly. Taking the onus of both guru and sishya, and not putting the burden on our sadhana alone, Lord Narayana is doing Ashtakshari Maha Manthra meditation for millions of years continuously in Badarinath kshethra. Though hundreds, thousands and crores of devotees are taking the manthra, Lord is doing thapas as Nara, the disciple and Narayana, the Lord to maintain the energy and power of the Ashtakshari manthra.
Lord, here is in the form of mountains – Narayana mountain is the shorter mountain while the Nara mountain is the tall one on which our Jeeyar Mutt is located. We can see only a small part of Narayana mountain. Narayana mountain is small as Narayana is in sitting position while Nara mountain is tall as he is standing.
Sri Pedda Srimannarayana Jeeyar Swamiji installed 3 Rama Stupas, two on the way to Badrinath – at Hanumanchetti, Pandukesar and third one in Badrinath.
You can see the uthsava murthis of Nara and Narayana on the north side of the temple. Narayana is sitting in Yoga mudra. Nara is standing on standing right leg, placing left leg on the inner thigh of right leg in a yoga pose, raising his hands towards the sky holding bow and arrow as if to shoot the arrow into the sky. HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji installed these murthis in the temple for the benefit of devotees.
In the temple sanctorum, we see Lord Narayana under the crown with a small thilak. He is decorated with flowers and ornaments and the darshan is called Sringa:ra darsan. We can see the original form only in the early morning during abhishe:kam or at night in sayana darsanam. To that Lord, on the right we see a big idol with a face only. He is Kubera. This whole place belongs to Kubera. Kubera is the king of the Yakshas ruling the Northern side. Originally, Kubera’s place was Lanka. Ravana kicked him out and occupied his place.
Kubera asked his father Viswavasu, a prajapathi, for help. Father advised him to ignore Ravana and built him a place in North. This place is called Alaka:puri. The river flows through Alaka:puri, hence the river is called Alakananda. Kubera did upasana to Narayana, stayed here and got His grace. Hence, he is seen in the temple. Many buy the coins of Kubera, place them near Him and take them home. The belief is that they too will become rich like Kubera.
Besides Kubera, we can see the deity of Garuda, who did thapas and got Lord’s grace and became his vehicle. In front of him, we can see the deity of Sage Narada.
For six months, we do puja when temple is open during summer. For the remaining six months, when temple is closed for winter, Narada worships the Lord. Hence we see Narada. The moola murthi can be touched by Raval only- a priest from Kerala. He stays for six months and before leaving keeps the uthsava murthies in Pandukesar for worship.
Further away, we see mountains of Nara and Narayana. Mountains formed over them while they were doing meditation, just as mountains formed over Valmiki, while he was doing thapas. Hence even today they are here doing manthra meditation.
We can see this in Srimad Bhagavatha Purana. Vidura, Maithreya came to this place and had the darsan of Lord. They about very good topics which are recorded in Vishnu Purana and Srimad Bhagavatham titled – Maithreyi Bhrugu samvadam.
This kshetram is called Kedar Khandam – the place of Himadri – Parvathi. Shiva is the kshethra palaka of this place. From Hindukush these mountain ranges expand upto Manasarovara. These ranges are clearly described in Skanda Puranam.
Ghantakarna is a demon. He hated Narayana. He never wanted to listen to another nama other than Siva nama. To avoid hearing to anything other than Siva manthra, he tied bells to his ears and moved his head to ring them to avoid hearing other stuff. Such was his devotion. Once he got a desire to get Moksha. He meditated on Siva. Siva appeared and Gantakarna asked for Moksham.
Siva said that your intention is good but I cannot grant as each one of us grant only certain things.
i:svara:th jna:na manvichcheth, sriyamiccheth hutha:sana:th
a:rogyam bha:skara:dichcheth, moksham ichcheth jana:rdana:th
For health pray Sun. For Jna:nam pray Siva. For money, pray Fire. For Moksha pray Hari.
“Is it so?”, asked Gantakarna.
Siva replied, “Yes! Then I will give you a manthra. Meditate on it. Then who is addressed in the manthra will come here. You will identify him.”
“How will I identify him?” asked Gantakarna
“Its very easy. He will have a flute in his hand, a peacock feather on his head, with a blue body.” said Siva and disappeared.
Ghanta karna did thapas for a very long time. In Dwapara yuga, Krushna did Kailasa yathra. On his way, he came to Badarinath. Ghantakarna saw him and identified him as the one whom he meditated so long.
He asked Krushna –“ Are you the one on whom I meditated?”
Krushna said, “Yes”.
Ghanta karna said, “Then give moksha.”
To please Krushna, he offered the food he ate. He being a demon, was a meat eater. So he offered that only. He killed a young brahmin boy and offered him as food to Lord.
Lord saw the heart of the innocent demon and was pleased. He asked , “What do you want?”.
Ghatakarna said, “Give moksha to my younger brother.”
Astonished Krushna asked, “ How come you did thapas and why are you asking for your brother?”
He asked – ‘Did your brother too do thapas like you’?
Ghatakarna replied, “If so, he would have asked himself, why should I ask?”
Krushna asked, “Then does he love you?”
Ghatakarna replied, “If he loved me, I would have molded him and made him to meditate. In fact, he hates me.”
Krushna asked, “Then why are you doing this favor for him?”
Ghatakarna replied, “Because he is getting spoilt. My wish is to relieve him and make him good.”
Krushna was astonished and said, “You are a real vaishnava. I will definitely grant moksha to your brother. But what do you want?”
Ghatakarna replied, “Bless me with your service forever.”
God was surprised. Being a demon, he asked for such a great boon. Then being Narayana in this place, he made him the kshethra palaka of Badari. Since then he is Kshethra palaka of Badari while Siva is kshethra palaka of Kedara Khanda. He is from small village called Mana. It was earlier called Manipuri We can see this place mentioned in Puranas. When the temple closes after six months, Ghantakarna is taken and placed in Manipuri for six months.
Bharatham tells that Pandavas went through this place while proceeding towards Svaraga Arohana. They worshipped Nara and Narayana went through Mana and Saraswathi river came in the middle. They had to cross it. The depth and speed was mind boggling.
Bheema put a huge boulder across as a bridge to cross it. That is called Bhima sila. This episode shows the strength of Bhima. Crossing the river they went for Swarga Arohana. But, Dharmaraja was the one who did Swarga Arohana.
Going 14Km from Mana, there is a spot called Sathopanth – Sathva pantha: – a place where Sathwik people live, a place filled with snow. It seems there are steps to heaven from here. Yama brought a chariot to take Dharmaraja to heaven.
Badari is very divine. Nara and Narayana born to Murthi and Dharma Prajapathi. Murthi was one of the many daughters of Daksha prajapathi. The place where Nara and Narayana were born is shown. A huge stone on which they were born. The stone on which Lord was born is called Leela Dungi. Dungi means stone. Leela means Lord taking birth. An uthsav is conducted on the birth day of Nara and Narayana. After Narayana ‘s birth father went to do thapas. Kids too went to meditate on Ashtakshari Manthra. Mother in between is seen them. Matha Moorthi mandir – one side kids, other side husband.
The place where Dharma prajapathi is there, we can see Vasudeva falls. The falls are about 200 feet high. The stone on which it falls is called Dharma Sila- Dharma is in form of this stone and on him the theertham falls.
It is the place where we can find the Vyasa cave where Maharshi Veda Vyasa has performed penance and divided the whole mass of Veda into four main divisions in the beginning of the Kali Yuga, for the sake of the convenience of the coming generations. He envisioned Srimad Bhagavatham and after presented it to the world as it is, he felt extremely satisfied that which he couldn’t get even after presenting 18 Puranas and 18 Upa Puranas and also 545 Bramha Suthras and their explanation that were unquestionably accepted with a single tone by all the austere sages and saints of traditional Vedic lineage, of that day, all over the world.
Veda vyasa stayed here and wrote 18 puranas, Brahma sutras, Bhagavatham. This kshethram is open for six months only. In winter it is closed for six months. Vedavyasa stayed for six months here and remaining six months went to Naimisaranyam and taught his works to his disciples. When Vedavyasa left, disciples went around the world to propagate and spread knowledge. This was about 6000 years ago.
Devathas perform Aradhana to Lord in winter. In the temple you see a lamp – called Akhanda deepam. When the temple is about to close, they fill a silver vessel with good quality ghee. They place this deepam in that vessel and seal the temple. Military stands guard to the temple. After six months, after Akshaya Thruthiya it is miraculous to see the 5 kgs ghee as is and the deepam too lighting in the same way even today.
After the temple is opened, the deepam is kept outside and in no time the 5 kgs ghee gets exhausted. We don’t know the mechanism of how the lamp remains lit without consuming the ghee even today. The temple is sealed by government with military protection. No one can go in. It is a miracle to be seen!
Jyothir math is after the Jyothir darsanam. Gradually the place became Joshi matt. This kshethram was built in 16th Century.
There might have been a temple before but the buddhists destroyed the temple and threw the diety in the river. Sankaracharya had a vision where Lord showed himself in this place. Sankaracharya sent his disciples but they returned. Then Sankaracharya himself went to Varahasila at the behest of Lord’s command, which is a huge stone in middle of river beneath Ushna Kunda. Sankaracharya found and brought it. He placed it near the hot springs and for 700 years it was in that place.
In 16th century, Varadachary from Kanchi came here, talked to the kIng and made him build the temple as per historic records. Around the Lord there are five silas – Varaha Sila, Narada Sila, Garuda Sila, Markandeya Sila and Narasimha Sila. Lord is in the middle of these silas. The five did thapas on these and Lord appeard as a result of their thapas.
Urvasi too did thapas here. She is among the apsaras. . When Narayana and Nara were doing thapas, Indra fearing for his throne, sent apsaras to disturb them. They could not do anything. Narayana saw and decided to teach a lesson to Indra. He took the mud from his thigh, made a small figure, put life force and sent her to Indra. Thigh is uru and she was made from mud of thigh, hence she is called Urvasi. Seeing her beauty, the apsaras felt ashamed and returned back. Indra realized that they are Lord Narayana Himself and sought forgiveness. Then Urvasi did penance here beside Narayana. This mountain is Urvasi. It seems there is a small tank. Whoever takes bath in it will become as beautiful as Urvasi. In between Urvasi and Narayana is Nilakanta parvat. On the other side is Kedarnath.
From its foot, flows Rushi ganga. In that place, Bramha kamalas blossom during Krushnastami. Till then no one is allowed to touch the flowers.
Lord’s sister’s temple Bhamini’s priest gets possessed one day. He then takes bath in Alakananda river, goes up the Rushi Ganga, sleeps there and then next day plucks them and comes down to offer to Lord. Till then no one is allowed to touch the flowers. Even today, these rules are followed.

Lord on top is doing penance and distributing its strength to all of us. The lamp when placed on ground gives light only to few things around it . But when that lamp is placed on height will spread the light. Thus Lord established the high Himalayas as his residence and He spreads this jna:na to whole world. In the whole world, it is the most beutiful ghat road about 300 kms. long. To come to such a place in a real boon. He himself became a guru and sishya for our sake and to increase the power of manthra he is doing penance. He provided the hot spring in the cold place for convenience of devotees. We are blessed to be here. Whenever, wherever we meditate, first see this Lord in your heart. Whatever you do, place him in your heart/mind In all your activities meditate on him put him in your heart, see him.
“Thasma:th sarve:shu ka:leshu ma:m anusmara yudhyacha” – Do whatever job but keep me in your mind – go back to your places safely.

Badarinath Exclusive – Srimad Ashta:kshari Maha:krathu

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