About Thirumala Asramam

Ramanuja Jeeyar Mutt was established in 2009 to offer services to visiting devotees everyday Nithya Aradhana, Seva kalam and Satmorey are performed visiting pilgrims are offers Balabhogam, Raja Bhogam, and dinner in night.

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Spot on the Chin
Ananthalwan was born in 1053 AD in a place called Siruputtur…..
Origin of Akasa Ganga
Tirumala Nambi, also called Srisaila Poorna was one of the five gurus…..
Purasai Thota Festival
Purasai Thota festival is celebrated in Tirumala every year…..
History Of Thirumala
Try some questionnaire about the history of Tirumala and to know about Ramanuja…..
Pada padi
At the foot of the Hills, there is a place called Padala Mandampam…..

Our Services


✿ Those who sponsor Rs.1000/- can have their Gotra Namas chanted in the daily Archana to the Lord for one year.
✿ Those who donate Rs.6000/- on behalf of their dear ones on special days such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc or in the name of their departed elders, can have Tadeeyaradhana conducted on that particular day
✿ You can donate in cash or kind for anna danam – food donations.
✿ Asram’s Wishlist – geysers, construction of more rooms, infrastructure, groceries for cooking.


Mailing Address :

Pushpa Mandapam
Ring Road
Thirumala 517504
Phone Landline: 0877 2277301

Limited Availability

After reaching Thirumala, contact the Thirumala office OR Contact member

Call a at 08772277301
Note: No advance booking during dhanurmasam.

Nearby Places To Visit

imagesLocated in a small district called Chittoor in southern Andhra Pradesh, is the famous Tirupati Balaji Temple of India. This temple is supposed to be the richest temple in India. After the Vatican, Tirumala Tirupati pilgrimage is the most visited shrine in the world. This temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara and thus is also known as Sri Venkateswara Temple. The name Tirupati Balaji actually means “Lord of Goddess Lakshmi”. A tour to South India is incomplete if you don’t visit Tirupati Balaji Temple.


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