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About Melkote

Lord Thirunarayana dwells in Melkote, Karnataka State. Acharya Ramanuja of 1017 AD allowed down trodden people into the temple here only, to prove that all are equal before God. As he brought out the right essence of Vedic knowledge by his invaluable commentaries, this place is worshipped as ‘JNA:NA MANDAPA’ by the elite.

Every year during Phalguna month a special event called ‘Vairamudi Seva’ is conducted during which a dazzling diamonds-studded crown is adorned to Lord. Lakhs of people participate in this world famous event though it is a remote place.

MelkoteThirunarayana Perumal Aradhana Samithi, was started by Late HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamy in 1977 to serve Lord and the devotees. In this asram, free food is served to the piligrims. This service is going on for 38 years without any break.  Enhancing its services systematically, a new building was constructed by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.  SERVING HERE IS A REAL PREVILEGE.

Free Food Distribution


Melkote Thirunarayana Perumal Aradhana Samithi
Sri Jeeyar Mattham
Priest and incharge B.Harikrishnamacharya – 9945651894
Landline – 09945651894
Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address :
B. Hari Krishnamacharya
Sri Jeeyar mattam
28, Car Street
Melkote, Mandya District
571431 Karnataka

Each room has 3 cots and beds , attached bathroom, and other furniture. Drinking water is available 24 /7.

Rooms are not available on Vayiramudi seva day.

How to book
Call Hari Swamy at 9945651894 or 08236-299933 or
send email to [email protected] or send notification through Facebook – bharikrishnamacharya

By Rail If coming by train, pick a train which goes through Bengaluru to Mysore route.
Get down in Mandya. From Mandya take a Karnataka government bus to Melkote. Melkote is 35 kms away from Mandya. Approximate travel time is 1 hour.
Taxis are also available.
Destination is Jeeyar Mattam, most famously known as Annadana Jeeyar Swamy Mattam. Jeeyar Mattam is on the back side of Cheluva Narayana Devastthanam, Opp Car Street.
While picking an auto or taxi, mention Annadana Jeeyar Swamy Mattam.
By Air Come to Bengaluru and then take a taxi to Sri Jeeyar Mattam.

Our Services

Every day 10 kgs rice is sent from the asramam to Thirunarayana Perumal. This rice is cooked and offered to the Lord in Chelvanarayana temple. And that prasadam is sent to acharya purushas and priests houses working in the temple.
This service began in 1977 by HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji and this service is going on for 38 years without any break.
Nithya Annadanam (Free Food Distribution) is conducted every day. At least 100 people visit the asram to dine on week days and a minimum of 200 people dine on weekends and holidays. Timings are from 12:30 PM to 2 PM.
Jeeyar Asram arranges for free lunch -thadiyaradhana for at least 25,000 people on Vayaramudi seva day. 3 items of food- prasadam which include a sweet item , a spicy item and a rice dish are served to all.


I came from Vizag along with my family. Melkote is a wonderful place. Bhagawad Ramanuja and His relation with the Lord are crystallized in the form of Melkote temple. Unable to find the Lord, when Ramanuja called “Dear One” , the archa murthy went against His rules and settled in the laps of Ramanuja. We can see that Lord here.
We are very grateful to Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for providing wonderful accommodation services and food services in this area. We had a very comfortable stay and had sathvik food. Thanks to Swamiji again.

One should visit Melkote at least once in their lifetime. Its very spiritual and one gets soul stirring experiences reminiscing the incidents of Bhagawad Ramanuja in this holy place.
Jeeyar Asram is the only place in Melkote which provides thadiyaradhana – annadanam services. The food is very tasty and homely. Infact, we were surprised when the auto driver enquired us – “Do you want to go to Annadanam Jeeyar Muttam”. So famous is the ashram for wonderful free food services.

Sudhavalli Madivada, Software Developer



✿ For Rs.1616/- puja in temple and prasadam distribution for 100 people in one person’s name. Chelva Narayana Perumal Prasadam will be sent by post.
✿ Tadiyaradhana will be done on your birthdays, anniversaries , special days and archana will be performed in the temple in your gothra nama. Suggested donation Rs.6000/-
✿ You can donate in cash or kind for anna danam – food donations.
✿ Asram’s Wishlist – geysers, construction of more rooms, infrastructure, groceries for cooking.
✿Those who donate Rs.6000/- on behalf of their dear ones on special days such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc or in the name of their departed elders, can have Tadeeyaradhana conducted on that particular day.

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Nearby Places To Visit

Thondanur – 20 kms from Melkote. This place is of high historic importance. Bhagawad Ramanuja had a debate with 12,000 Jain scholars at the same time, defeated them and established Vishishta Advaitha . The king became disciple of Ramanuja.
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Saligrama – About 70 kms from Melkote. Ramanuja gave sripada thertham in this place , worshipped and – Sripada kolam
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Sriranga pattanam is near Mysore. It is called A:di Rangam. Thala Kaveri passes from this place and reaches Srirangam. Gauthami Maharshi consecrated this temple. This place is also called Gautama kshethram.
The presiding deity is Thirunarayana perumal. The uthsava Perumal is called Chelvapillai. Mother Lakshmi is called Yadugiri Naachiyaar.
The significance of Ramanujacharya’s vigraham is Ramanuja Himself consecrated this vigraham and installed His powers in the deity.
Badari Narayana is Kshethradhi pathi of Melkote and this place is also called Dakshina Badarikasrama.
Varshika bramhotsavams are conducted on hasta nakshathra when sun in in meena constellation. In those 9 days , 4 th day is Vayiramudi seva when a dazzling diamond jewel-studded crown is adorned to Lord. Lakhs of people participate in this world famous event though it is a remote place.
Acharya Ramanuja of 1017 AD allowed down trodden people into the temple here only, to prove that all are equal before God
He brought out the right essence of Vedic knowledge by his invaluable commentaries.
This place is worshipped as ‘JNA:NA MANDAPA’ by the elite.
On the mountain is Yoga Narasimha Swamy. It is said that Prahlada consecrated it in Krutha yuga.
Ramanuja stayed at Melkote for 12 years

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