Vijaya Kiladri Hill and Sitanagaram asramam have adorned a festive look. Twinkling lights, fresh green thoranas, live melodious music from musicians (sannai), sweet smells from the prasadam preparations for the Lord, the hustle and bustle of devotees climbing up and down the hill, the vedic chants by Vedic pundits are attracting the devotees from near and far to come and participate in the divine program.

Uthsavars and thirttham vessels for all the temples arrived today morning from Kumbakonam. Devotees thronged the arena to have a look at the dazzling Lord and vessels. Later, HH Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji followed by vedic students and devotees went to Krishna river to perform River puja. Each one carried a new kalasa and filled it with water after the puja. They were brought in a procession and the holy water was sprikled on the new dieties, vessels, yaga sala on the hill and the new temples.

Sriman Srinivasa Charyulu and Sriman Madhu Swamy along with HH Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and vedic students performed Bala Kumbha pratishta puja. Ankurarpana will be performed in the evening.

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