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Sarath Pu:rnima Celebrations @ JIVA | 27.10.2015

Under the aegis of HH Swamiji, HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji, HH Devanatha Jeeyar Swamiji Sarath Pu:rnima Celebrations commenced in a grand manner @ JIVA premises on the auspicious evening of 27.10.2015 . Divya Saketha Perumal and HH Swamiji Perumal came onto the dias of Pedda Sa:ketha Mandapam as procession. Pragram started with the melodious divine [...]

Sarath Pu:rnima Celebrations @ JIVA | 27.10.20152015-10-28T05:49:38+05:30

Deerghayuvu Pharmacy Opening Ceremony

With the blessings of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Deerghayuvu Pharmacy started successfully on 25th Oct, 2015 at JIVA Campus. Dr. Surendar Sharma, CAV (Cheraku Ayurvedic Vaidyas) and CME (Continuous Medical Education) groups are organizing this Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Dr. Ravinder Reddy is a managing director. They always prepare Ayurdevic medicines in JIVA Campus. All Ayurvedic [...]

Deerghayuvu Pharmacy Opening Ceremony2015-10-25T14:25:13+05:30

Vijaya Dasami Celebrated Grandly in Divyasaketham

Jai Srimannarayana…! On the occasion of Vijaya Dasami, Abhishekam performed to Lord Rama in the morning. Procession conducted to Lord Rama in the evening, followed by performed special pujas to Lord Rama and Mother Saketha Lakshmi. After that conducted Semi Puja.  This program concluded with Prabandha Parayanams and distributed prasadams to all devotees. MORE PHOTOS [...]

Vijaya Dasami Celebrated Grandly in Divyasaketham2015-10-23T10:01:18+05:30

JET New Jersey Prajna Students Partake in Red Cross Blood Drive

.fusion-fullwidth-1 { padding-left: 0px !important; padding-right: 0px !important; } “Serve all beings as service to God.”                         –           Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji This quote was put into action on Sunday, July 19th when an American Red Cross blood drive was conducted at the Jeeyar Asramam. Red Cross sent a large ambulance bus with advanced facilities [...]

JET New Jersey Prajna Students Partake in Red Cross Blood Drive2019-04-23T10:24:17+05:30

Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhishekam Meeting @ JIVA Campus

Today Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhishekam Meeting @ JIVA Campus, Hyderabad. HH arrived from Amalapuram exclusively for the meeting. Many volunteers and RSS  volunteers attended the meeting. HH left for Amalapuram after the meeting.     The post Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhishekam Meeting @ JIVA Campus appeared first on chinnajeeyar. Source: Chinnajeeyar_Posts

Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhishekam Meeting @ JIVA Campus2017-03-02T14:18:52+05:30

Sarannavarathri Program in Amalapuram

HH Swamiji visited Amalapuram(Konaseema Area) after 19 years on 13th Oct 2015. Earlier, HH Swamiji visited this place in 1996 when cyclone hit these areas badly. Amalapuram Arya Vaisya Sangham from Amalapuram invited HH to grace this area during the Sarannavarathri time and bless them again. HH accepted and reached their place on 13th evening. [...]

Sarannavarathri Program in Amalapuram2017-03-02T14:18:52+05:30

Breast Cancer Survivor

With blessings of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji ! We conducted Mahila Aarogya camp on 22.2.15 ​at rudravaram (V) vemulawada (M). A women named K.Lavanya (Beedi worker) from that village gave service to us as a volunteer, at last she went for checkup and resulted as VIA positive. After 10 days she came for checkup [...]

Breast Cancer Survivor2020-05-19T13:58:19+05:30

Adarsa Gramam(Model Village)

.reading-box-container-2 .element-bottomshadow:before,.reading-box-container-2 .element-bottomshadow:after{opacity:0.2;} In March-2015 HH Swamiji inspired the residents to build Sithanagaram, a village on the banks of River Krishna, Guntur Dst. as a model village. Objectives include installing two R.O (Reverese Osmosis) plants, opening institutes to provide training in Dance Music Computers Vocational courses Drill Yoga First Aid etc. Cleaning the drainage lines [...]

Adarsa Gramam(Model Village)2017-03-02T14:18:52+05:30


.reading-box-container-3 .element-bottomshadow:before,.reading-box-container-3 .element-bottomshadow:after{opacity:0.2;} There are 2,500 houses in Mandasa. Sri Swamiji directed them to contribute at Rs.50 a month. Thus about Rs.1,50,000 is collected monthly. This amount is used for development of the village by adopting a street, installing street lights and laying roads. They are also planning to paint all the temples including those [...]


Build Your Own Village

.reading-box-container-1 .element-bottomshadow:before,.reading-box-container-1 .element-bottomshadow:after{opacity:0.2;} Inspired by Sri Swamiji’s empowered messages, elders enrolled as Vikasa Tarangini (VT) members, youth formed Yuva Vikas groups and ladies formed Andal Goshtis. Together they are conducting many wonderful programs such as community kitchens – cooking food for thousands of people. All villagers unite together to celebrate any activity. Yuva Vikas is [...]

Build Your Own Village2017-03-02T14:18:52+05:30
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