Every year, JET, Vikasatarangini, Prajna in India and its branches in other parts of the world celebrate VighnaNiva:rakaChathurthi during SraavanaMaasam in a very grand manner. This year too JET is conducting several events, activities and programs for all on the occasion of VighnaNiva:rakaChathurthi which falls on August 25 2017.

Prajna is a specific program designed by Sri ChinnajeeyarSwamiji exclusively for kids.As part of Prajna, children are taught slokas, stories, importance of festivals and rituals, yoga and scriptures.

A Prajna student, Master Praveen from Seetha Kingston School, Tamilnadu, studying in class 3, did a beautiful drawing of Vishwaksena in his classroom.Impressed with his work, SmtAnandKumarigaru has gifted him a worthy gift to cherish his achievement.

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Source: Varija News