For all the youngsters these days who say that something exists only when seen; for all the thinkers who say proved theory through scientific experiments is the only governing law for human enhancement, here’s an excerpt from Sri Swamiji’s discourse that can open minds beyond Big Bang Theory of Evolution. Let’s be proud of our Rushis and Acharyas, the scientists who are devoted and compassionate enough to share their knowledge to support and enrich existing life to higher states of happiness.

Vedam describes ‘Saptavarnam, seven ayers’ for a unit under entire existence.
The 7 layers are

  • JALA
  • AHAM

Each layer is 10 times the volume of the preceding layer. This is one ‘Andam’. There are ‘Anantha koti’ such units, ‘Andams’, meaning countless crores of such units. And all this is just a minute part of the entirety, called ‘Viswam’.

Nammalwar, the writer of Thiruvayamuji says in his songs when he imagines himself to be Yashoda conversing with Krushna, ‘How are you managing holding of seven lokas in the soft tummy that is filled with butter, Krushna?’ When Love is directed towards Lord, the entire essence of Vedam flows out in the form of sweet songs and comes into experience that is pure joy! This is proven in Nammalwar’s songs. That is why, they are sung in all temples with so much admiration and awe for the Lord and with so much gratitude towards the Alwar.

—From the Bhagavad Vishayam discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami.

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