27th Oct 2016

On the auspicious occasion of HH Swamiji Tirunakshatra Prayuktha Brahma Yajnam Nethra & Angushtta Avadhaanam by K. Sirisha and N.V. Sirisha was organised at JIVA on 27.10.2016. It was surprising to all that, how they communicate with eyes and thumb. Both girls wonderfully shown their unique talents. Somebody from audience wrote something on paper and gave it to K. Sirisha, then she communicated with her eyes, the matter on that paper, other girl N.V Sirisha has given a pen and paper. She wrote whatever communicated by K. Sirisha with her eyes. All the audience and along with Jeeyar Swamijis surprised after knowing that, matched exactly with what the K. Sirisha is having. The same with THUMB also. All applauded and appreciated them very much.

Smn. Adi Narayana garu, a telugu pandit who gave them this type of technical trainting. Smn. Jonnavitthula Ramalingeswar Rao garu co-ordinates this program very nicely.

These two Sirishas are from former family from a remote village. Smn. Adinarayana garu and Smn. Jonnavittula garu helping them for their education. Now the girls are in 10th class.

HH Swamiji asked them what do u want to become. K. Sirisha told, she want become an I.A.S officer. And N.V. Sirisha told, want to become a Doctor. HH Swamiji promised them to take care of their education totally and their dream come true. After listening those words from HH Swamiji, there are now bounds to their happiness.

After the Avadhaanam, Smn. Jonnavitthula garu, shared his beautiful moments with Swamiji and sung few poems and folk songs explaining HH Swamiji’s wonderful virtues.

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Source: Jiva News