27th Oct 2016

On the auspicious occasion of HH Swamiji 60th Tirunakshatram celebrations an event was organized called Vruddha Dampathi Varivasya. This is organized by HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and HH Devanatha Jeeyar Swamiji with the co-ordinators namely, Smt. Vasumathi Bhaskara Rao garu, Smt & Smn. Sri Kuramari, Dr. J. Rameswar Rao garu, Smt & Smn. Vanaja Bhaskar Rao garu, Smt. Srilatha Bhupal Reddy garu, Smt & Smn. Sucharitha Ratnakar Rao garu and many more.

HH Swamiji came onto the dais and offered mangalasasanams to Vruddha Dampathis who are in their 70s. All the Jeeyar Swamijis and children of Vrudha Dampathis performed parikrama to the Vruddha Dampathis. Smn. Gajal Srinivas garu came on this auspicious occasion and sung beautiful and inspiring songs on Amma and Naanna.

HH Swamiji explained the glory and importance of parents and their blessings on children and future generations.

All the children of Vruddha dampathis expressed their deep gratitude to HH Swamiji for creating a platform to worship their parents and seek their valuable blessings on this auspicious ocassion of HH Swamiji’s 60th Tirunakshatram celebrations.

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