23 representatives of different states from India, assembled for a meeting with Sri Swamiji to discuss about how to uphold Hindu-Dharma and how to quell wrong interpretations of the Sha:stras as stimulated by atheists, and non-vedic group of individuals.

The purpose of the meet was to first understand the system of Hindu-society as per the sha:stras – in its true sense. And then, dispell the fears and misunderstandings, about the system, and foster a feeling of equality among the people.

HH Sri Swamiji, in his speech, elaborated the issues of the current practices in ‘hinduism’ and proposed excellent solutions to problems like casteism & racism that has marred our Vedic society.

[ As a side note: There no such word as ‘Hinduism’ per our Ve:das. The usage of the word above, is purely intended to get the point across in layman’s terms & knowledge. ]

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The meet began with a short welcome message by VHP members. Chantings of “Jai Sri Ram and Bharatha Mata Ki Jai” reverberated through the hall! It indeed gave a feeling of “I love my country Bha:rath once ruled by the Great Emperor Sri Ra:m” .
VHP introduced themselves and stated about their organization, its mission and goals. They showered appreciations on Sri Swamiji and HH’s mission for a united India – through the rise of “Statue of Equality

The welcome speech was followed by a stirring introduction to the state of Telangana beginning from the time of Ra:ma Ra:jyam to its current statehood in 2014. The introduction contained references to the eras of the Sa:tava:hanas and Kakati:yas and their influences on the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Then came the most enrapturing speech by Sri Swamiji.

The VHP members listened with total attention and intent, when Sri Swamiji described the greatness of our country Bha:rath, the great Kings, Rushis, the structure of the society and the system of education.
The members were very impressed and inspired when Sri Swamiji delineated the purpose of our Hindu-system of society and family. HH gradually explained, how that wonderful system got destroyed over a period of time. Many great people and saints like Sri Ra:manujacha:rya (of 10th century) took several measures to defy the norms and practices that were followed blindly without consideration to any rational goal or result.

The system of Ja:ti and Varna has been in existence since several thousands of years. But the rigorous practices of discrimination and belittling of professions was not seen in those periods. Untouchability was never known! What existed as mere practices in a non-offensive way, aggravated during the Mughal and British times! This was clearly proven by several researchers in their historical studies. And the system was totally destroyed and distorted to “divide and rule” the country.

And even if there was such a custom of ill-treatment in the society, people quickly accepted changes and corrections once convinced of the true procedures and customs. Such was the broad mindedness and humility of even great scholars who would accept their wrong convictions once proven otherwise.

HH gave beautiful references from the life of Sri Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya, where Sri Ra:ma:nuja always worked on a relentless mission to include people from all walks of life into the main-stream society. People from all communities must work in unison, even if it is a temple administration where only bra:mhanas were originally allowed!

Everyone is equal before God. We may differ by our birth or work. But in front of God, we stand equal.

This is exactly what Ra:ma:nuja‘sStatue of Equality” stands for.

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Sri Swamiji explains, how powerful we are as Bha:rati:yas, and how weak we are at preserving our culture and traditions and how impressionable and susceptible we become, when influenced against our own rational beliefs! Swamiji calls for a change in our education system, which gives baseless and unproven scientific information about several things. We need to realize the importance and authenticity of our scriptures in a proper way.

Sri Swamiji appreciated VHP’s dedication and work for a united Bharath and ultimately for “Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam” – The world as one family!

HH valued the members of VHP, as the army of Sri Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya who would carry forward the mission. Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya shall remain a motivator for all ages to come, and hence this place (at Shamsabad) is called as “Spu:rthi Kendra – Samatha Mu:rthi Sphu:rthi Ke:ndra”.

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Source: Varija News