Before answering that question, Shall we try and look at a closely related question – What is it that politicians have that others lack? – Is it college education, wealth or something else?

It is not education or wealth but it is their Attention span on Goal that is high. Their goal is to come into power and serve people. They do whatever it takes to attain that. They are able to rule highly intelligent individuals, extremely wealthy people and any others with. The most essential quality is their attention span on goal that puts them where they stand. Now, these politicians may or may not have gone to great colleges or excelled in schools, but they are good at concentrating on their goal until it is achieved. This holds true for pretty much all successful people.

However, Our current education system limits a students’ ability to concentrate to only 45 minutes because of the 45-minute period system. This was introduced by people who entered our country for trade and saw opportunities to rule and acquire decades ago.

Bharath is the country whic told the world how to eat, and dress! Explorers such as Vasco da Gama and Columbus were shocked at the way we flourished in every aspect such as wealth, tradition, life style. Unfortunately, we did not value it as much as we should have. We got lured by the temporary benefits that were new and different unaware of their long-term effects.

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Our ancient education system allowed students to improve their ability to concentrate on a specific task until it is achieved. Today, we expect that from students who are doing their PhDs but these students have not been trained in their childhood to focus long on a specific activity. How can you expect students in their PhDs to shine well when their base was built incorrectly? How can you aim to build a house on a stream of river?

The Prerana classes are arranged in a way that students pick a subject or a specific chapter or a series of connected chapters for an entire day and aim to learn it thoroughly such that they can answer any question asked in any fashion. The next day, another subject or a series of connected chapters of another subject are picked up in the same way. This builds the child’s ability to focus on an area for an 8 hour duration rather than 45 minutes. This was how ancient education system worked.

Current Education System reduces one’s ability to concentrate longer – How do we fix it back to the way it was?!

Did you know that there is a 500ft iron pillar near Qutub Minar that was built 2000 years ago and does not rust till today? How was that possible? We had skills that were quite impressive in every household back in those days. They were called kuteera parisrama – these made people self-sufficient, highly capable and useful to the society in day to day aspects. Our education system allowed for such abilities to rise within individuals.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami addressed 162 students and their faculty during ‘Prerana Classes’ for 10th standard children of Rangareddy District Government Schools. These students have been taking part in a camp organised by Vikasa Tarangini and Ranga Reddy Educational Unit to strengthen, enhance their skillset in all areas under the direction of Sri Swamiji. They begin their day at 4:30am with Yoga. While getting trained for academic excellence, they are taught moral values to enable their holistic growth. We all know swords are good when they are used for right purposes! And so, when training these children, it is also important to keep their hearts at work and not just brains.

Vandemataram Foundation President, Sriman Madhava Reddy also spoke on the event and appreciated this initiative taken 5 years ago and is running it once every year through such camps. Many others such as Sri Raghava Reddy (Rtd. M EO) , Ch. Krishna (M EO, Kotthur Nandigama), C. Kista Reddy (M EO, Kondurgu), Rami Reddy (M EO Shamshabad), Bhanu Prakash Reddy (GHM, ZHPS, Kondurgu), Dinesh (GHM, Nandigama), Venkataih Goud (GHM, ZHPS, Papi Reddy Guda), Smt. K. Jhansi Lakshmi (GHMS, Boys Samshabad), Smt. Uma Maheswari (GHM, ZHPS, Samshabad) joined hands to train these young students in the path as guided by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami at JIVA asram.

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Source: Jiva News