09 NOV 2016

Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji arrived in Bhadrachalam from Hyderabad late in the night on 08/11/16. A convoy of cars named after the years followed him. The devotees gave him a rousing welcome holding lamps in their hands singing jaisrimannarayana! Flower petals were showered on HH.A grand show of fire crackers delighted all. Later the 108 new silver pots with Sri Ramanuja emblem were donated by Sriman Mepperla Tiruvengalacharyulu and Smn. Mepperla Srinivasacharyulu and their family members in the memory of their Mothers and Father, Smt. Seshamma, Smt. Ramanujamma, Smn.Mepparla Venkata Narsimhacharyulu on the occasion of Jeeyar Shashti spurthi commemorating the
sahasrabdi of Ramanujaswami were handed over to Bhadradri Sriramachandraswamy.Next morning after the thirtthagoshti in the mutt by HH himself, all the people headed to temple. After the darsan of Sriramaperumal and parivaram, abhishekam was held in the Nithya Kalyana Mandapam in the temple premises for the uthsavars by the temple priests amidst the chanting of vedamanthras.

The final abhishekam with sahasradhara was performed by Swamiji while the prabandha ni:ra:dava:ra:y was rendered very sweetly by the pundits. Later HH spoke on the importance of the day … Pe:ya:lwar’s thirunakshathram, thula masam and the star Navami the birth star of Sri:ra:machandra, and Wednesday which happens to be Lord Rama’s birthday. HH felicitated the donors and the temple priests with mementoes and clothes. Hh offered mangalasasanams to all.

Smt. Prapanna Vaisaradiji contributed $1000 towards the vahanam. A few other members too came forward and contributed towards the Perumal’s Sesha Vahana.

All were given the abhisheka thirtham. Devotees had a great time all through. The jeeyar mutt strived hard to make the stay very comfortable for all. They arranged for delicious prasadam with sweets and specials for all. HH left with his retinue for Sithanagaram in the evening.


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