HH Swamiji visited Amalapuram(Konaseema Area) after 19 years on 13th Oct 2015. Earlier, HH Swamiji visited this place in 1996 when cyclone hit these areas badly. Amalapuram Arya Vaisya Sangham from Amalapuram invited HH to grace this area during the Sarannavarathri time and bless them again. HH accepted and reached their place on 13th evening. The program started on 14th Oct early morning at 6.00am with saptha sarga Sundarakanda Parayana followed by theertha goshti. In the evening HH graced the devotees with discourses on glory of Sarannavarathri Celebrations. The program  concluded with Sri Sitarama Kalayanam on 20th Oct.

On 16.10.2015, HH Swamiji visited fishermen hamlets nearby Amalapuram, E.G Dist.  In 1996 HH Swamiji visited this Konaseema area when it was in floods. HH Swamiji renovated many Rama Mandirams and Durga Mandirams which were damaged and rebuilt a few which were totally collapsed. Vikasa Tarangini distributed food and cooking vessels along with kerosene and lamps as a kit.  Swamiji visited few of these areas and checked their living conditions. Living conditions are very bad in Balusu Thippa and Magasani Thippa. The people here are suffering a lot for lack of drinking water. They have to travel in a boat for one hour to get water, food materials, medical aid and also for education. HH Swamiji discussed with them and promised to solve their problems as early as possible.
HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji, VT Organising Secretary Smn. Bhavani Prasad garu, local VT organised Smn. Chikkam Srinivas garu, VHP volunteers Smn. Jagadish garu, and Srinivas garu accompanied HH Swamiji to visit these areas.
In between, HH Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji came to Amalapuram, to do Sundarakanda Parayanam and gave discourses on behalf of HH Swamiji as HH Swamiji  went to Hyderabad on 17th and 18th to attend important meeting with VHP delegates about Sri Ra:ma Pa:duka Patta:bhishekem program. On 19th, HH Swamiji blessedfew devotees with Samasrayanams.

The program concluded with Sri Sitha Rama Kalyanam. All the devotees enjoyed the grace of Lord Rama and have showed interest to participate in Sri Rama Paduka Pattabbhishekam program.


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