With love as Bhakthi. You can find Him as your constant companion to fulfil all your needs.

Lad Varaaha Swami said.  “ When your mind is sound. your body is in best of health and when you are in prime of life, if you think of me once. even when you are in ‘ COMA ‘  like a log of wood or stone and when you are ready for exit from this world ‘AHAM SMARAMI’ I will think of you “.

You will now realise how easily you can purchase Him or make Him run after you with your prayer or Bhakthi! It proves future can be purchased by the present. That means with your present prayer or Bhakthi you can purchase your future of Lord Himself who will even obey you.

 Lord Narasimha said,  “ My beloved child when you are hale and healthy if you think of me. I promise you that at the time of your last journey I will take care of you like a doctor ”.

 So one has to pray even when every things is going well for him so that he will have good rapport with Lord to get help when he cannot even think of Him.

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Source: Varija News