Jai Srimannarayana…!

Vighna Nivarana Chathurtthi was celebrated grandly today.
Gracing the audience on this occasion, HH explained that the verse suklam baradharam eulogises Lord Vishvaksena – one who adorns white clothes shining with effulgence. He holds Sankha and Chakra and a long stick in his left hand, showing index finger with right hand, to fear all the evil powers.

Several elephant headed (gaja mukhas) ganadhipathis are in his force, to obey his instructions in removing the hurdles of Vishnu devotees. Vishwaksena is the whole and sole to look after the administration of the entire Universe and also the Paramapadam.

Here is a verse says that

“vande: vaikuntta se:na:nyam, de:vam su:travathi:sakham |
yad ve:thra sikhara spande: viswam e:thath vyavasthitham ||”

Whatever draft Vishvaksena prepares with regard to running the vibhuties or Universes, will be accepted by Lord Srimannarayana, without any alteration or addition, it seems. A:lawanda:r Stho:tram reveals this in its verse
”priye:na se:na:pathina: nyave:di thath, thattha:nuja:nantham uda:ra vi:kshanaihi”.

This is the greatness of Sri Vishwaksena.

Here is the link to Vishvaksena Puja — http://chinnajeeyar.guru/…/2015/04/Sri-Vishwaksena-Pooja.pdf


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