29th March 2017
Jiva Campus
Sri Hevilambi Uga:di, the Telugu New Year was celebrated in a grand manner under the divine presence of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Abhishekam was offered to Lord Ranganattha, as today is His appearance day on this earth. After the mangalasasanam to perumal, Raghudatt Swami, the main priest of Divya Saketham read the Hevilambi Nama Samvathsara Panchangam. He explained his year’s forecast. Later HH Devanattha Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji spoke a few words blessing the devotees. Finally HH Swamiji explained the glory of Time and Panchangam. Then HH gave thirttham to all the devotees. Later HH Swamiji chanted Sri Sundara Kanda Ramayana Parayanam. All the devotees did parayana along with HH Swamiji. After the parayanam, maha prasadam was distributed to all followed by thadiya:radhana at Thadeeyaradhana Sa:la.

A snippet of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s Message:

The Supreme God is the Master of two thathvas – prakruthi and jivas. Prakruthi is the raw material which is used in different combinations and quantities to form objects. Whatever we see around is the product of prakruthi. In fact, we jivas too take shape and form using prakruthi. Thus souls reside in a body made of prakruthi thathvam. The Supreme Lord Narayana resides inside both prakruthi and jivas becoming a athma to both of them and controls them.

Lord is present in the Prakruthi which can be categorized into 3 types:

Suddha sathvam – Is very pure. Is found beyond Viraja river after crossing the whole universe. Jivas who have attained moksha have a body made of this prakruthi thathvam. The body made from this thathvam is not affected by Time.

Misra sathvam – Is a mixture of 3 gunas. Bodies are formed using misra sathva for all beings including Bramha, devathas, human beings – in fact all beings who reside on this side of Viraja river ie the universe in which we reside. Beings residing below the Viraja river. Here they are bound by TIME.

Sathva Sunyam – Lord is the kala purusha. His Divine body is personification of TIME. In Bhagavad Githa, Lord Krushna declares Himself that He is ‘Kalo:smi” – ” I am kala (time)”

Ugadi is a day when we surrender ourselves to the Lord in form of time. Our scriptures taught us to respect TIME – the form of Supreme God.

As per our panchangam, Time is divided into thiththi, vara, nakshathra, yoga and karana. While thitthi is decided based on the movement of moon, vara (week) is decided on the movement of planets, nakshathra (star) is decided on the placement of star with respect to the moon, etc. Thus the universe around us guides our actions and enforces us to follow the rules enforced by TIME.

Panchanga Sravanam is one of the activities we do today, ie on Ugadi to show our respect for TIME and brace ourselves for the good and bad experiences. While panchangam forecasts bad or good climate, bad or good produce, bad or good governance at macro level, we should apply them at micro level too and apply to our true self crossing the physical body. Only then we can be successful as human beings. We have to learn to take every incident positively with the grace of Perumal and Acharya and not forget our ultimate goal. Mangalasasanams to all!

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Ugadi Celebrations at Vijaya Kiladri Temple in the presence of HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji

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