Most of us are unaware of the duties, rights and how to enact them on all conditions. We know a few of them but let’s aim to be a bit more sincere and responsible towards taking our nation closer to its original strengths!

We have history that is more than 200 crore years. Many foreseers, the rushis had extremely amazing focus and passed onto us a life style that will enable a peaceful and happier time in these bodies. Let’s take half an hour or one hour to learn the origins.

Let’s stick to what is natural to us, by adapting foreign culture – we become susceptible to unclear, and harmful conditions in body, health and mind. What is natural to us is what our ancestors passed onto us in terms of what we wear, eat, how we conduct ourselves, some dos and don’ts. Learn to approach a learned person if anything is not clear – but do not stop practising them.

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Knowing about other cultures and traditions is always interesting, but if you begin to adapt it – World loses who you actually are!! Let the world be rich and diverse as it is meant to..!

Let’s pray Lord to give us the strength to become more natural, spend less on luxuries, stick to our origins, support the nation and its causes, and overall let’s add to the greatness of our nation in all levels!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on Republic Day at Vijaya Kiladri, Vijayawada

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This Republic Day – Promise to Know the Constitution, Practise Natural Living and Learn your Origins!

JIVA Campus celebrated the event bringing Vedic students, Medical college students, Netra Vidyala Inter and Degree college students all on one ground! Such an amazing sight to see the holistic environment under the divine blessings and scholarly advises.

Sri Samudrala Ranga Ramanujacharya, Sriman Arvind Kote, Sriman Raghupathi Reddy, Dr. Rita ji, Sriman Raghavacharyulu presided over the event and gave their able direction for the audience.

All the staff, and students got together promising to shape themselves in accordance to the advice of Sri Swamij and all the elders!


Netra Vidyalaya School at Varija celebrated Republic Day with great performances from visually challenged children enacting the lives of great legends of India. There were several competitions that Netra Vidyalaya!

Wishing you all a very happy Republic Day!

Source: Varija News