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In the presence of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Bramha Yajnam will be performed every day from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
NRI Hospital Road,
NH5, Chinakakani,
Mangalagiri, Guntur,
Andhra Pradesh 522503
Contact: 8645-272929

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samatha snanam

Samatha Snanam on August 19th 2016, on the Ghats of Krishna River

Samatha Snanam (Holy Bath with All) during Krishna Pushkaram in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Krishna Pushkaram resembles Kumbha Mela and is a festival of River Krishna, which occurs once in 12 years. The Pushkaram…..

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Special programs from 12-8-2016 to 23-8-2016:

Date Morning Evening
 12-8-2016 River Puja, Shobhayathra Varalakshmi vratha prayuktha Samuhika Lakshmi puja
 13-8-2016 10:45 Vastu puja 7:00 Ankurarpana, Ruthvigvarana
 14-8-2016 Aranimadhana, Agni Prathishta, Samuhika Sri Krishna Puja  –
 15-8-2016 Independence Day celebrations, Sri Rama Ashtothra Puja  –
16-8-2016 Sri Ramanuja Ashtothra Puja  –
17-8-2016 Varaha Jayanthi Archana, Hayagreeva Jayanthi Prayuktha Samuhika Puja (specially for students)  –
18-8-2016 Rakshabandhan, Upakarma, HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji Puja  –
 19-8-2016 Samathasnanam and Samatha Sandesam  –
20-8-2016 Sri Venkateswara Puja  –
21-8-2016 Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji Thirunakshathra Prayuktha Puja  –
22-8-2016 Maha Purnahuthi, Avabrutha Snanam  –
23-8-2016 6:00 – Nadi Puja, Nadi Snanam  –

Daily Activities:

Time Events
 7:30 am  Prathahakala Aradhana, Sevakalam
 8:00 am  Mangalasasanams, Veda vinnapams
8:30 am Thirtha goshti, Vedavahana Arambam
 9:30 am  Gopuja
 10:00 am  Yadavakasam, Pravachana Goshti
11:30 am Purnahuthi, Mangalasasanams
12:00 pm Thadiyaradhana
2:00 pm – 4:30 pm Cultural Events
 5:30 pm Vedavahanarambham
 6:30 pm Vahana Seva, Purnahuthi, Mangalasasanams, Thadiyaradhana

Jai Srimannarayana..!

Krishna Pushkaralu is the festival of the river Krishna. The main significance of this Krishna Pushkaralu is that it occurs once in every 12 years in other words called it as Pushakaram.

Earlier, only Godavari pushkarams were conducted. But, now we are celebrating pushkarams for all rivers – Krushna, Tungabhadra and Kaveri.  HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji was a pioneer who initiated celebrating the pushkarams for these rivers. HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji celebrated the Krushna pushkarams twice. We are very fortunate to have the Krushna pushkaram at this time of the year.

During pushkarams, we are going to perform Bramha Yajna in NRI  college. As part of Ramanuja millinnium birth celebrations, we are doing a program – Samatha Snanam on Aug 19th, 2016.

Great philosophers and social reformers wished to have a loving and compassionate heart as Bhagavad Ramanuja. There can be differences in size, shape, forms, cost, from a sand grain to an airplane but all sink in the same way in an ocean. Similarly everyone irrespective of their cadre, right from Sri Lakshmi devi, Adishesha to us mortals, animals, plants, insects – all are equally qualified to get the grace of God and be part of God’s service. This was spread by Ramanujacharya Swamy.  He is Samatha Murthy.

Today, 1000 years have passed. We are celebrating big programs like Krushna Pushkarams but it is very unfortunate to see that the downtrodden and backward classes are being neglected and not brought on par with the main stream of the society. They are still being out casted and not allowed into the temples which is very shameful.

There are still a few families who proudly practice Ramanuja sampradaya by wearing namam on their foreheads, having gothra namas such as Parasara, Ramanuja and addressing each other as Adiyen ( I am the servant of God ) and practicing what has been passed on through their lineage.  It is so unfortunate to listen to instances where such people are still prevented from entering temples. 

Appreciating their efforts in continuing the practices that were passed down to them 1000 years ago, it is our duty to reinstate that we are all EQUAL. Hence the program –  Samatha Snanam. We are inviting everyone who follow Ramanuja sampradaya, who follow Vishista Advaitha to come and participate in Samatha snanam in Krushna river on Aug 19th and listen to messages from 10am to 4pm from various scholars.



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