Deep love towards God 

A devotee or in this context, our Nammalwar is blessed by God with the immense love for HIM. Because of this immense love, the devotee deeply meditates or imagines being with God forever in every circumstance. Such devotees feel God’s presence all around them every minute.

Manas (anthar indriyam – internal sense organ)
In such a state, the devotee experiences serving God, talking to him, playing with him, discussing with him issues of the day, finding out how he is doing, what is he up to, giving him a hug, giving him a foot massage, imagining God in every single relation that the devotee would like to do out of deep love towards all his great qualities. The deep love or devotion reaches a state where it no longer matters what good qualities there are in God. It is a state that becomes unconditional.
Vedam also states that the relationship between God and Soul exists forever and they are unconditionally bonded.

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Source: Varija News