Aditya Hrudayam  – The famous Rama-Ravana battle was going on for several days. By then, Rama already put Ravana in a state where he could not fight back any longer for that day. Rama sent him back home to get ready to fight better the next time or agree to surrender and return Sitha Devi. However, Ravana was adamant to fight back. When the battle began between them began for the third time – Ravana was mesmerised at:

  • Rama’s vibrant posture
  • The way Rama’s hand raised above and to behind his shoulder to pull out the arrow
  • How well he extended his bow arm
  • The way he was drawing the bow
  • How perfect his aim was
  • The way he released the arrow

Ravana was not fighting back much. However, Every time Rama removed a head of Ravana, another one came back up. Almost 107 heads were shot. Rama was now unsure on what to do and is becoming lifeless.

During this time, Agastya – the famous seer who is known to make the entire ocean water be served to Sun through his power arrived. He preached Rama to rejuvenate himself with a prayer to the Lord Narayana within Sun.

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Every morning, Sun releases his powerful rays to strengthen us and give us abilities to perform for that day. Behind his power, exists the real strength who drives everyone – Lord Narayana! This preaching is Adiya Hrudayam. After this, Rama was energized and then the battle continued.

One can read this in the 107th chapter of Yuddha Kanda in Srimad Ramayanam. It can be read any day, primarily Sundays for energy and health to win over your battles every day! Today, being the birth star of Sun God, we all read it and visualize the description of him as given in the sthotram. It is said that He radiates on a single huge horse in a big chariot that runs on one wheel and is extremely powerful… and more!

Vahana Savas – On the day of Ratha Sapthami, most temples including Tirumala temple hosts a series of Vahana Sevas one after another from the time of Sun rise till the time of Sun set. Lord comes out of the temple to bless Sun. He comes out in different vahanas such as ‘Suryaprabha, Sesha Vahana, Garuda Vahana, Hanumad Vahana, Kalpa Vruksha, Sarvabhoopala, Chandraprabha…’ etc.

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By adorning God on each vahana, it is shown that God indwells within that being. He indwells within every one and every being, therefore we symbolise it with seating Him in honour on all types of Vahanas.

Relishing the beauty of that God who exists within all of us, within all other beings is the purpose of the Vahana Sevas. During Ratha Sapthami – we celebrate this truth much more to help us realise and recognise that God indwells within Sun as well to give us the energising us every day physically, intellectually and spiritually!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on Ratha Sapthami, 24th Jan 2018

Source: Varija News