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In what is called spectacular event, Prajna Krishna district Chapter has conducted competitions in Bhagavadgeetha, Drawing, Songs & Elecution Competitions for children under Vijayawada Urban Level at Sri Kodanda Ramalayam. Mutyalampadu, Vijayawada.

Students from around 60 schools from Vijayawada have participated in the competitions. Of the 250 children who have participated, 21 children were selected in district level competitions. These 21 children were awarded with mementoes, Bhagavath Ramanujacharya Charithra. All the children who have participated have received Hayagriva Slokams and certificates for participation.

The other local units from around Krishna District, who have also conducted the competitions were Jaggaiyapeta, Nandigama, Veerulapadu,Kaikaluru, Gumpalagudem, Machilipatnam and Nunna.

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Every year, JET, Vikasatarangini, Prajna in India and its branches in other parts of the world celebrate VighnaNiva:rakaChathurthi during SraavanaMaasam in a very grand manner. This year too JET is conducting several events, activities and programs for all on the occasion of VighnaNiva:rakaChathurthi which falls on August 25 2017.

Prajna is a specific program designed by Sri ChinnajeeyarSwamiji exclusively for kids.As part of Prajna, children are taught slokas, stories, importance of festivals and rituals, yoga and scriptures.

A Prajna student, Master Praveen from Seetha Kingston School, Tamilnadu, studying in class 3, did a beautiful drawing of Vishwaksena in his classroom.Impressed with his work, SmtAnandKumarigaru has gifted him a worthy gift to cherish his achievement.

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Source: Varija News