The purpose of a temple is to spread the light of right conduct in each individual. The thought process behind each act is quite an important element in guiding a person’s attitude. Temple aids in creating a positive and a peaceful society by encouraging internal cleanliness as well as collective approach!

According to aagama scriptures, temples conduct three main utsavams in a year:

  • Bramhotsavams – These utsavams are celebrated in view of the main deity’s appearance day in the temple. These are actually called Bramhotsavams because Bramha performed the celebration for the first time!
  • Adhyayanotsavams – These utsavams are celebrated to sing the glory of Lord as sung by Taking Vaikunta Eka:dasi as the central day, the festivities are for 10 days prior and 10 days later of the central day. It is a beautiful and an extremely divine experience to listen to those songs and understand the love for Lord that they felt. Arayars place the alwar whose songs they are singing in front of the Lord and sing them as if the alwar himself is singing for Lord. The celebration ends with Nammalwar’s mokshotsavam where Lord proves that He takes the devotee to Him when such deep love for Lord exists within the devotee’s heart! Its 20 DAY event.
  • Pavitrotsavams – These are celebrated to seek pardon from the Lord for any known and unknown mistakes committed during the years’ prayers. The mistakes could be of any kind, starting from an act to a thought. These utsavams will need to be performed at least 3 days to suffice correcting any ‘nitya aaradhana’ errors throughout the year. But, this is only minimum to allow the priests at least follow the ritual properly. In fact, these will need to be performed at least for the duration of chaturmasyam, a period of 4 months. It is the process of purifying every single element being used in the service of Lord as defined in the scriptures!

Day 1 Pradhama Pavitrotsavam at Divya Saketham
Day 2 Pradhama Pavitrotsavam at Divya Saketham
Day 3 Pradhama Pavitrotsavam at Divya Saketham
Day 4 Pradhama Pavitrotsavam at Divya Saketham

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