From the discourse of Sri ChinnaJeeyar Swami on the occasion of Namma:lwa:rThirunakshatram – An absolutely epic personality and an incredible poet ever known to the world…

Exactly 5,147 years ago – This world proudly graced an epitome of devotion and an extra-ordinary poet – Sri Namma:lwa:r. It was the 42nd day after the current Kali Yuga had started, Sri Namma:lwa:r had appeared in the tamarind tree hollow as a 16 year old. People were shocked to see him meditating without any reaction to the happenings around him.

He sang marvellous verses about God and his unique qualities. He drenched himself in conversations with God to levels that no one has ever done so till date. We will come to this a little later down. But, it is also important to know that he was able to beautifully sing profound truths on human psychology and the ways to enrich themselves. We may wonder, how someone who had not stepped out of a tree hollow knows about people and human psychology. But, it was clear from his songs that when one could identify the thathvaof the ultimate power, God – it is not very hard to know about the other two thatvas, the soul and the nature.

He sang verses which said, ‘don’t sing or write about humans – think and sing the ultimate’.

He sang verses which said, ‘people sing or write about you only when you have money to give them – don’t encourage that’

He sang verses which said, ‘sing the name of that thatva, Narayana who has Lakshmi in his heart forever. He is the only saviour’

He sang verses where he imagined himself as a lady who is wishing for the companionship of her lover who is none other than God himself

He went one step further and sang verses where he imagined himself to be the mother of the lady who is wishing for the companionship of her lover and is lost in thoughts. The lover is God himself.

He also went a third step further where he sang verses about conversation between the mother and the friend of the lady who is wishing for the companionship of her lover, God. The friend conceals from the mother that the lady is not in love with any mean or wrong or demonic person. She explains to the mother that she smells thulasi and gandham. She also explains that she heard from the lady words like ‘Sankha’ and ‘Chakra’. The friend is indicating indirectly to the mother that the lady is in love with God because she uses the words which identify Lord Srimannarayana.

If you look at the dimensions of imagination in some of such verses, we will be amazed at how deeply connected Namma:lwa:r was with God. When scholars who are knowledgeable in Vedic scriptures looked through these verses, they certified completely that these verses are essence of vedas. They are lucid and perfect depictions of Vedic truths and secrets.

When I heard Swami’s discourse as above, I remembered an English movie named Inception taken in 2010. When I first watched it, I thought it was great in the way how the story writer thought about going into ones subconscious to get some things done. But, that is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the level of detailed dimensions of imagination in our Namma:lwa:r.

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy Namma:lwa:rThirunakshatram.

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