Hyderabad –Twin cities VT

With the Mangalasasanamulu from H H Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Dhanurmasa pravcanamulu were conducted at Sri Anjaneay Swami Temple, My Home Jewel, Madina guda under guidance of Smt. Vanaja Chalapati Rao. Goda Ranganadha Kalyanam was also performed on the 13th Jan. Regular Satsangs and Prajna classes are also being conducted bu Smt Yatirajyam Santhi at My Home Jewel.

With the Mangalasasanamulu of H H Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,  Dhanurmasa Pravacanamulu and Goda Ranganadha kalyanam were conducted at Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple Bahadurpura.  This was arranged by Smt. Kovel Bhavani and about 60 local Marwari women actively participated in the entire programme.


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Source: Varija News