HH Swamiji @ AIVA, G.K Colony, ECIL, Hyd on 25.2.2015

HH Swamiji @ AIVA, G.K Colony, ECIL, Hyd on 25.2.2015

HH Swamiji was invited by Velama Community to inaugurate AIVA(All India Velama Association) @ JVNR Boys Hostel, G.K Colony, Near ECIL, Hyd on 25.2.2015. HH Swamiji reached the place at 11.00am and unveiled the logo for AIVA after Jyothi Prajwalana. Swamiji spoke about the Velama Community’s services to their community at large as well as to the Sri Ramanuja Sampradayam. Smn. Dr. J. Rameswar Rao garu, Smn. Bhaskar Rao garu, Smn. Chelimeda Lakshmi Narsimha Rao garu also participated to encourage and strengthen AIVA. HH Swamiji blessed all the team of AIVA and appreciated their services to their community and to the sampradayam.



HH Swamiji Naimisaranyam Visit on 23.2.2015

On the invitation of HH Vrathadhara Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji, HH Swamiji visited Naimisaranyam to consecrate Sri Ranganatha Temple. From Hyd HH Swamiji started to Delhi at 9.00pm and reached Delhi at 11.00pm. Smn. Srinivasji received HH Swamiji at Delhi Airport. HH Swamiji and parivaram started to Naimisaranyam in cars. Road was in very bad condition. HH Swamiji reached Naimisaranyam next morning at 10.25am. Muhurtham was at 10.50. With Perumal’s grace HH Swamiji Sri Ranganatha Swami Prathishta went well. In the evening Santhi Kalyanam was celebrated very grandly. On 20th HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and HH Devanatha Jeeyar Swamiji also came to participate in the function. On 23rd they left after the Prathishta mahothsavam. HH Swamiji stayed on 23rd and next morning after Aradhana and Theertha Goshti Swamiji visited TTD Balaji temple on the request of Smt. Raja Kumariji  and laid foundation stone in the vicinity of Balaji temple for Bhagawatha Sapthaha Mandapam. Later HH left for Hyderabad from Lucknow.



Sri Balaji Temple Prathishtta @ Manuguru,TS on 22.2.2015

HH Swamiji reached Manuguru, an area of Singareni coal belt near Bhadrachalam on 21st evening at 6.00pm on the request of Smn. Ramesh Kumar and his team. HH Swamiji did yanthra prathistta in the evening. Next morning after aradhana and thirttha goshtti,  HH Swamiji consecrated Lord Venkateswara at 10.10am and did vimana gopura kumbha prokshana. After the discourse and prathama aradhana HH Swamiji did mangalasasanam to perumal and received alaya maryada. Offering mangalasasanams to all the devotees who were blessed to become a part of constructing such a beautiful Temple  HH left for Naimisaranyam, U.P near Lucknow to participate in Sri Lord Ranganatha Prathishtta celebrations.


HH Swamiji adorned Lord Bhadrachala Ramachandra Prabhu with Vajra Kireetam on 21st Feb 2015 morning. This is sponsored by Smt. Vanaja – Smn. Bhaskar Rao garu(Kaveri Seeds Pvt. Ltd.).



On the way to Bhadrachalam HH Swamiji came to Sitanagaram on 18th evening. On 19th morning HH offered abhishekam to Sri Sitaramachandra Perumal. Abhisheka teertham was distributed to all the devotees. Later Swamiji participated in Go Puja.

16th February 2015

HH Swamiji performed Ara:dhana and Ti:rtha Goshti @ Smt. Ramadevi’s home in Vijayanagaram. Later HH visited 400 years old historical temple of Sri Jagannath Perumal. On the request of Smn. Avanthi Srinivas, M.P of Anakapalli, Swamiji visited Avanthi colleges which  were located between Vijayanagaram and Visakhapattanam. Swamiji planted a tree in the college premises. Later HH addressed the students and enlightened them with inspiring message. Next Swamiji visited  the Smn. Srikanthacharyulu’s new house. He is  Rig Vedam Scholar, teaching at Varija Asramam. Then HH reached Smn. Narayana Reddyji’s  home. His son Chi. Praphul and daughter-in-law Sou. Srija invited HH with purna kumbham into their home. Later under the aegis of HH Swamiji kalyanam was performed to HH Perumal very grandly by Agamic Scholar Smn. Madhusudanacharya Swami.  In the last phase of kalyanam,  a 5 yr old Baby Sai Srija, grand daughter of Smn. Ramanujam garu astonished everyone with her dance performance.  She not only raised funds for HUD HUD cyclone affected people but also she donated Rs. 25,000 to Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi. How blessed she is with an extra curricular activity in this early age! HH blessed the little kid. Thus concluded HH activity on 16th february 2015.



Laksha Deepotsavam was celebrated very grandly under the aegis of HH Swamiji at Ramathirttham near Vijayanagaram on 15.2.2015. Sriman Ramana garu organised this mega event on behalf of Ramathirttham Temple with the divine blessings of HH Swamiji. Thousands of people thronged the temple ground and participated in this divine program. HH Swamiji explained the glory of  Di:pothsavam, Perumal and Thayar vaibhavam. Swamiji guided all the devotees in performing Lakshmi Narayana pooja. It was a great festive scene to watch devotees light the ghee lamps and see them perform mangalasasanam to Lord.




HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji visited Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple for Vimana Gopura Kumbha Prokshana on 8.2.2015 morning in Jadcharla town. It is a 1250 years old historical temple receiving aradhana from 24th generation priests of this temple. Perumal in Garbha gudi is very beautiful and captivating. On Smn. Juluri Srinivasulu garu request HH Swamiji had darsan and performed mangalasasanam to Perumal. Vimana Gopura Kumbha Prokshana went well. HH delivered mangalasasana Pravachanam to all the devotees.


10, 11 February

HH Swamiji visited Narayana Tirumala in Srikakulam on 10.2.2015 7 pm,  on the request of Smn.Srinivas garu and Smn. Justice Yathirajulu garu. Swamiji inaugurated 35 feet “Viswaroopa Sandarsanam” vigraham in the premises of Narayana Tirumala. Later Swamiji visited Sri Venkateswara Swami and offered mangalasasanam. After that Swamiji explained the glory of Ramanuja and the relation between Ramanuja and Sri Venketweswara Swami. Swamiji also explained the details of Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi project.

In the night Swamiji reached Lakshmudi Peta near Srikakulam to do pratishta of Sri Kodanda Ramaswami Temple. Smn.  Metta Bhupal Rao garu along with all the devotees recieved Swamiji with purnakumbham and Mangala Harathis.  Next Morning 11.2.2015,  HH Swamiji offered thirttham to all the devotees followed by Mahapurnahuthi. Later  HH Sri Swamiji  consecrated Sri Kodandaramaswami and parivaram and did Vimana Gopura Kumbha Prokshana.  Sri Swamiji explained the glory of Sri Ramachandra and Sri Ramayana.

In the afternoon Swamiji visited Sri Ranganath Temple at Fareed Peta. Out of devotion they changed the name of their place as Pedda Jeeyar Peta. Swamiji after visiting that temple, appreciated their devotion and dedication towards Sri Vaishnava sampradayam. Smn. Paravatu Govindacharyulu trained them like that. Swamiji appreciated his efforts a lot. HH Swamiji announced to give Rs.1,00,000(one Lakh) for the renovation of this temple.  Thus HH Swamiji’s Srikakulam visit concluded successfully.   Swamiji reached Mandasa at night and had Darsan of Lord Vasudeva on Sesha Vahanam.

 Simhachalam Visit

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji visited Simhachalam Temple on 8th and 9th Feb 2015. After the mahapurnahuthi, Dhwajasthambham was re-installed in the morning on 9.2.2015. Later South Rajagopura Kalasa Sthapana and Kumbha Prokshana took place and HH Sri Swamiji inaugurated the South Raja Gopuram of Simhachalam Temple.

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Unjal Seva at Simhachalam – click here