Today is an auspicious day, VaikuntaEkadashi, also known as Moksha Ekadasi , and to add to the greatness of this unique day, today is GeethaJayanthi too. On  this occasion, a foundation stone was laid to a group of temples on the hill VijayaKeeladri on a very good muhurtam at 11.

Generous donors came forward to take the responsibility to construct the temples. Each donor has taken a temple and promised to extend  their graceful service to the Lord. Though this event was planned less than a week ago, a road was laid to VijayaKeeladri  to facilitate vehicle movement for the temple construction. This road has been currently laid with 20 feet and will later be extended to 40 feet with dividers to facilitate the traffic flow.


These are the seven temples planned by His Holiness

  • KalyanaVenkateswara Swami
  • Lord Krishna
  • Lord Rama with Parivaram
  • BhuVarahaswamy and Lakshmi NarasimhaPerumal
  • Sri AshtaLakshmi temple
  • Sri Vaikuntana:dha


List of generous donors
KalyanaVentakeswara Swami Sriman Crane SubbaraoGaaru (Grandhilakshmikantaraogaaru S/o GrandhiSubaraogaaru)
Lord Krishna SrimanMukkamalaApparaogaru
Lord Rama with Parivaram SrimanTallam Uma Shankara Gupta
BhuVarahaswamy Sriman N. Venkata Suresh
Sri AshtaLakshmi temple SrimanKanigalapulaKasinathBabu
SrimanTellakula Lakshmi Guru Prasad
SrimanMajeti Kiran
SrimanMarturiBalakirshna and Group
Sri Vaikuntana:dha SrimanMattapalli Ramesh Babu
Sri Lakshmi NarasimhaPerumal SrimanV.Venkateswararao
Srimathi. Lakshmi Tulasamma

Each donor has come forward very generously to serve the Lord by constructing the temple. With a glorious scenic view where a glimpse of hills on one side and the sacred Krishna river on the other, the event went very well. The donors expressed intention to complete the construction of the temples before Krishna Pushkaram next year and sought blessings of His Holiness.

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Source: Sitanagaram