With the blessings of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji Acharya Sri Padukaarchana was conducted at Sri Tulasiramanujakutam on 19th July 2016 evening.
A good number of devotees participated in the Sri Padukarchanam. Sri U.Ve. Sriman Raghunatha Bhattar Swami (Sthanacharya of our Sri Rangadhamam, RJY) explained about the Acharya Vaibhavam. Sriman Ramanujacharyaswamy, Sitaramswamy conducted the Paduka Thirumanjanam and paduka Archana. On this auspicious occasion all the devotees gave the Acharya sambhavana and received Sri Paada Thirtha prasadams. Jet & VT members and other volunteers also participated in this program.


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Source: Jiva News