Hundreds of people thronged to see Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami as He stepped into Venkateswara Alayam in Kotha Palyem, Rolla Mandalam in Anantapur District on the 19th of Jan 2018.

Everyone was anxiously waiting to listen to the wisdom that Sri Swamiji’s words carry!

Swami asked, ‘What makes one great? Birth or Qualities of a person?’ – Although it seems like a very simple question, it is not easy to put into practice. How many of us are not proud of our family stature or external beauty, PHD’s and other external achievements? We admire great qualities but find it hard to put in practice at the right situation.

Ramanujacharya is one of the greatest acharyas who very graciously accepted Kanchipurna as his Acharya! Kanchipurna does not belong to a Vedic family, however He was blessed to be able to converse with Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal. Thus Ramanujacharya sought his refugee to get answers to 6 questions that he was struggling to know the answers for.

  1. What is right? Difference or no-Difference – in specific to concluding the right philosophy on existence
  2. Who is the Supreme?
  3. What is the means to reach the Supreme?
  4. Does one need to think of the Supreme at the time of death?
  5. When does one get liberation, the bliss (moksham)?
  6. To whom (which Acharya) should I surrender?

Kanchipurna, being born in a sudra family was highly respected and revered for his good qualities, great devotion and wisdom.

Ramanujacharya put the knowledge into practice. He was extremely compassionate to share his wisdom with everyone! Let us pay respects to that Acharya who is the reason why we are all able to chant the name of Lord and feel blessed.

Fire puts end to endless amounts of cotton in a split second, similarly – the name of God can burn many sins. Our gratitude to that Ramanucharya is a minimum responsibility, let’s celebrate the 1000th birth anniversary by making a structure that will inspire generations in right direction!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

Swami addressed the crowds and very patiently listened to their questions, filling energy and abilities in people as he crossed the towns of Pulivendula and Proddutur over the past two days..

Source: Varija News