19th May, 2016

Car is a means to go from one place to another. The car might have all amenities and might be a luxurious model but its purpose is limited to travelling only.
Similarly, our body is a very complex machine. It is a highly sophisticated and computerized mechanism given by God to use it properly. Beautiful sights, sweet fragrances, melodious sounds, nice touches were given by Lord as roadways to enjoy. Our body is a wonderful chariot with sense organs as horses, manas as reins and buddhi as the charioteer. 
This wonderful chariot, our body  has been given by Lord to realize the goal of life. Alaround many devathas support this body. The presence of Lord will make our life meaningful. 

Today was a very unique day. Its mid May. At this time of the year, devotees had to bear the scorching sun. Involuntarily they would do tap dance unable to stand on the ground. 

But this year, that too today i.e,  5th Day of 7th Bramhotsavams of Divya Saketham , it was as if Mother Earth and Sun decided to give some respite to Bhagavad Bandhus from the Sun. The whole atmosphere became cool and cloudy making the celebrations even more enjoyable.

The day began with Rattha yathra. The chariot was decked beautifully with flowers. Puja was offered to the chariot. Lord Rama along with his parivaram were seated on the chariot and the procession began. As the climate was very good, the chariot was taken three times around the temple and then the Lord was taken to Yagasala.HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji & HH Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji along with several devotees celebrated Divya Saketha Kshetra Bramhothsavams here at Sri Ramanagar. Sri Divya Saketha Rama was taken on Hanumantha, Garuda Vahanams much to the delight of devotees. Later, The Lord mounted the newly designed Ratham (divine chariot) and went around the mada streets and JIVA campus blessing everyone. Later, Snapana Thirumanjanam (sacred bath) was done and Chakra Sna:nam was performed in the holy pushkarini (tank). Delicious prasadam was served to all in bio-degradable plates and water was served in glasses made of clay. It was a Green Bramhothsavam! Jai Srimannarayana!

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