Today in Divya Saketham, as the archa: mu:rthi was graciously accepting the service of the priests and was gloriously giving the divine darsan to all devotees, our Acharya Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami blessed everyone with words of wisdom that outpoured purely out of love and compassion !

Here’s a quick excerpt of Sri Swamiji’s discourse for all our readers:

What does ultimate wisdom mean? It is not just the mere ability to recognize a pen from a paper or solve a mathematical equation, but it is when one knows the true nature of himself – then the person can be called wise. Our origin is not what the school books teach us, our ancestors are not monkeys. We are not born to a couple who had a mistake of a eating a forbidden fruit. We are descendants of God himself, we are descendants of the great rushis. All this is written in our Purana:s and Ithiha:sa:s. A pura:na is not something that is made-up as many of you think now. It is what that always reflects new every time we read and re-read it. Let us all spend some time in reading such scriptures. Otherwise, you will end up not knowing your true abilities and true form. Right now, our situation is that we are being raised up as a baby goat amongst all other goats where we are actually little ones of a lion, cubs! Let the Jna:na (king) be protected and glorified by the direction of Buddhi (the minister) who should control the Manas (the army chief).

Bhagavad Ramanuja Acharya has beautifully carved out a stage for us to understand this entire play of God. He had established the ways to serve God through the system of services in temples through love and dedication. We are ever thankful to Bhagavad Ramanuja Aacharya whose 1000th birth year is currently going on. We are submitting a token of gratitude towards such a distinguished Acharya in the form of ‘Statue of Equality’ project that can be seen in front of this temple, Divya Saketham.

Many people come and go, just like many rain drops that shower down. Only a few of those rain drops serve the feet of God. Similarly, only a few blessed can make use of such a great time to be able to take part in this wonderful opportunity. Come, visit the temple, the ‘Statue of Equality’ and become learned, a wise one!

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