From the past three decades, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami has been giving discourses on Thiruppavai during every Dhanurmasam. Scholars and illiterate, old and young, male and female, and so on are all equally amazed and attracted to those wonderful doses of divine words from Swamiji.

This year, every day in the morning around 6:30am, Swamiji is compassionate enough to grace us all at Divya Saketham Temple. HH is briefly talking about the essence of the day’s song from Thiruppavai. All are welcome to relish the root of Vedic scriptures in the form of thiruppavai songs and the corresponding explanation from our beloved, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami. We are pleased to take the discourses and transform them into Q and A to support easier learning. It’s a different way to experience this beautiful, powerful and yet the easiest form of placing yourselves in the arms of that naughty, Sri Krishna right from within your home!

Dhanurmasam – Day1 – Five questions answered:

  1. Who is eligible for performingDhanuramasa Vratham?

‘A wish to enrich oneself’ is the ONLY eligibility requirement for performing ‘Dhanuramasa Vratham’. Anyone with that wish can perform the vratham and satisfy their quest.

  1. How long is this vratham?What does it aim for?

The duration of the vrathamis 30 days. It involves chanting 30 songs, composed by Goda Devi, daily eary in the morning before sunrise. It aims for a blissful state of mind and togetherness with the Ultimate source of power, Narayana!

  1. Who performed this vratham first?

Goda Devi in Sri Villiputtur performed this vratham seeking inseparable companionship with the divine, Sri Ranganatha and quite happily succeeded. She composed one song each day for 30 days. Her songs are considered not essence but actually the root for all Vedic literature. Her story dates back to the beginning of this Kali Yuga about 5000 years ago.

  1. What can this vratham give me?

Goda Devi promised that anyone who performs this vratham for 30 days in the same way that she did will attain what they wish for.

  1. Give one key aspect of this vratham.

Belief is the key aspect of this vratham. Quite a few people miss out on experiencing God’s companionship not because he is invisible but because they fail to believe in the visible form of God, ‘the Deity’! Quick flow of process through which one can attain belief in scriptures and the Deity form of God.

Principles/rules that govern your life style -> Keeps your body under control -> Enables making your heart pure and soft -> Lets you believe in scriptures and Deity Form

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