If one wants to experience the greatness of Bhagavad Vishayam, one needs to dive into it fully by learning it from ‘elderly’ who experience the sweetness of the work in their day to day life. Here ‘elderly’ means one who have comprehensive knowledge, deeply devoted, have a crystal clear understanding of the scripture and experiences the described substance of the book, and has the abilities to make his students also experience it in the same way as he does.

If this is not done, then he will only understand the basics at broad level. The hard work or time that you put into learning any work makes the goal lot more enjoyable and enriches your experience.

There are three aspects into learning any piece of literary work:

  1. To understand the significance of the author, pramatha vaibhavam
  2. To understand the significance of the book , pramanaana vaibhavam
  3. To understand the significance of the ultimate substance or ‘thathvam’ being discussed in the book, prameya vaibhavam

We have discussed the greatness of the author, Nammalwar – who is the example of a perfect devotee.

  • Being away from the thought of God is a sin for him
  • Being in the thought of God is a boon for him
  • God is the final goal for him
  • God is the only goal for him
  • He imagined himself as a lady who loved God, and also went a step further and played a role of a mother of the lady who loved God deeply, and played a role of a friend of the lady who loved God deeply. There is no-one in the world whose imagination went to multiple levels of being connected to God
  • Vyraagya athisayam’ – Complete disconnection with anything other than God
  • Serving God is the only mission ‘kainkaryaika manoradham’
  • He was only awakened by Madhurakavi at the age of 16 when he spoke his first words, he was in a state of meditation from his birth till then

Let’s look into the greatness of the scripture, Bhagavad Vishayam

  • The pasurams, (ie: poems) in the book carry complete essence of Vedam in a way that readers themselves get immersed without any special effort to do so
  • Bhagavad Vishayam is a composition that has been accepted by erudite scholars such as ‘Lokasaranga muni’, ‘Nathamuni’, ‘Yamunacharya’, and ‘Ramanujacharya’ as the most exceptional and a perfect example in any element of deep devotion. These scholars are extremely talented and very gifted in many areas that cannot even be imagined in today’s world. For example: ‘Nathamuni’ was able to sit behind a screen and identify 143 different varieties of musical instruments of sound from one another.
  • The propounded ‘thatvam’ in the book is ‘Sriyahpathi. ‘Purusha Suktham’ defines ‘Sriyahpathi’ as the thatvam to be meditated upon, as the ‘thatvam’ to be in oneness with.
  • Anyone who has the desire to get qualified to serve God in every way with love becomes eligible to learn the scripture
  • If there is anyone who wishes to get out of karmic bondage and become free with no limitations, then this is the scripture to be learnt from a sadacharya
  • What does the book promise to give back to readers? A state of boundless joy of serving God with no interruptions

We will come to in the greatness of the ‘thatvam’, Sriyahpathi – that is the goal of the scripture in the next session.

               -From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji on Bhagavad Vishayam

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