When it is said that God is accessible, then what is it that blocks us from the experience of bliss that He alone can give?

We are different from the body we reside in. We always forget this fact. We also forget that the sustenance of ourselves in this body is possible only because God supports both us (the self/soul) and the body. This is called ‘ahamkaram’, meaning that we think that something belongs to us when it is not. This can be seen from a couple of instances in history.

Bheemanna, a kommari (potmaker) made himself a deity of Lord Venkateswara with clay. Every day, he offered the Lord a flower made with clay before beginning his work and another one after ending his work.  Another ‘devotee’ proudly gave flowers made out of gold to the priest of Venkateswara temple in Tirumala. He was very arrogant of his offering and tried to show off that it was HIS flowers that are made out of gold and are being offered to Lord. However, he always noticed that the golden flowers were away from the Lord’s feet while the flowers made of clay are right next to the Lord’s feet. It is the devotion filled heart that Lord looks for. The pot maker never even visited the temple, yet his flowers reached Lord’s feet. It is not the wealth that Lord looks for, it is the pure heart that is filled with only Love for Lord and the obedience in accepting the truth that he belongs to Lord.

There is another beautiful instance that melts our hearts as we understand the extent to which Lord comes down can be seen during the time of Krushna. He walks away from the way towards Kingdom and knocks on the door of a garland maker, a maalakaara. This person makes garlands to the King, but when Krushna knocks on the door and asks for a garland, he feels extremely elated and totally joyful. He gives away everything he had made that day and asks Krushna to take the garlands. Krushna waits to be in the company of such devotees.

His power and his capabilities are not in our scope of imagination. However, when he reaches out to such devotees, we can imagine the extent of his accessibility. How great it would be to experience such accessibility. A supreme power that is accessible is the only one that we can reach out to.

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