On 23rd Sept,

Badarikasram is the Birth place of Ashtakshari Maha Manthram (jewel among all mantras). If we chant this mantra once at Badrinath, it is equivalent to chanting the same mantra thousands of times at any other place. A mantra is that, which protects the one who chants it. Amongst all the mantras, Ashtakshari Maha Mantra is agreed to be the king or the jewel of all the mantras by all scholars and seers from ages ago.

BAKASS committee organised Sri Ramanuja Krathu from 22nd to 24th Sep, 2016. On 22nd HH Swamiji inculcated Ashtakshari Manthram to almost more than 600 interested devotees. On 23rd, approximately 3000 Samasrayan (who have already gotten initiation of the mantra) devotees participated in Ashtakshari Manthra Japam in the direct guidance of HH Swamiji in the premises of Ashtakshari Kshetram. It was a great experience to all the devotees.

HH Swamiji explained the glory of Ashtakshari mantra and took the devotees through the process of meditating and japam (repeatedly chanting the mantra with love for Lord). JET Vedic students and teachers also participated along with all the devotees.

HH Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji also joined on this auspicious occasion. HH Swamiji offered mangalasasanams to one and all for participating in this wonderful event.

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