31st May,2016

Jai Sreemannarayana!!!

“Faster than the winds, brighter than the stars, when it comes to protection of dharma even the all the fires of the universe cannot stop Him…”

In the vedas, lord Hanuman occupies a prominent place as he is considered as the source of knowledge, strength and guidance. He was instrumental in helping lord Rama to conquer over the evil, and therefore He is beloved to lord Rama. Today 31.05.2016, Tuesday being purva bhadra nakshatra (the birth star of lord hanuman), the devotees of JIVA campus celebrated lord Hanuman jayanti with much enthusiasm, pomp and show. Not only this, the day also witnessed a large number of devotees thronging in at Divya Saketam, to seek blessings from the lord which would bestow them with good health, happiness and prosperity. The programme at Divya saketam began at 9 am with the abhishekam of lord Hanuman, which was followed by the “alankarem” of the lord. In the pursit of coming up with something now, the devotees and swamis of the temple, got the “alankarem” (decoration) of the lord done with different varities of fruits, which was altogether a mesmerizing sight to watch. In the later half of the session, devotees finally had the glimpse of their beloved guru HH Swamiji, where he was seen talking to the devotees regarding the importance of the day and also what devotees can be blessed with by worshipping lord Hanuman. Towrads the end, HH Swamiji blessed all the devotees.


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Source: Jiva News