A little thought on our qualities before we talk about anaesthesia and ailments in body and soul. We all know Qualities and Appearance are an indication of what a person is. Let’s look at most common qualities of all of us.

We are loyal, – but only to people who are powerful than us

We are powerful, – but we use it against the weak

We are accessible, – but only to those from whom we expect something like praise in return

We are compassionate, – but only to those whom we like

We may want to be good, – but we are limited in power, strength, energy, time to carry it towards everyone.

Our qualities may help some people around us and we use some qualities to get help from others.

All our qualities are relative, conditional, impure (because there is always a selfish element about our likes and dislikes), and limited. Scriptures say God’s qualities are – na:ntham guna:na:m gacchathi. HIS qualities are innumerable, unconditional and everlasting. God’s qualities are a reflection of his compassion in supporting and protecting us.

For seekers, i.e. who wish to raise up to the true nature of the soul rather than being bound by the impact of nature – there is an anaesthesia which will help the soul to stay intoxicated for some time, while being treated. The seekers then get treated from inner ailments like ego, jealous, narrow-mindedness, unclear thoughts, fickle-mindedness, ignorance etc. After this treatment, they get elevated to the lasting state of happiness enjoyed with the ultimate power (God) AND get released from the ailments (karmic bondage) that cause this temporary state of happiness, ups/lows of emotions etc.

This anaesthesia is nothing but the qualities of God that we just talked about, those qualities which are innumerable, unconditional, and everlasting.  

Are we also seekers? If so, seek these qualities from someone who has experienced them and are immersed in the divine love of God.

Our great acharyas reveal the hidden secrets of the songs sung by Goda Devi for the benefit all of us. They say that the truthful association with devotees of God is so essential to enjoy the rich, creamy, healthy goodness of God and become one of his loved ones and take part in bringing everyone together in this ultimate journey. None of us is as stronger as all of us, right?

Scriptures recommend that one should enjoy any pleasure with everyone around. God’s qualities are like a powerful gush and therefore holding hands, taking support of devotees who already know how to delve in this flow is a wise thought. Isn’t it?

Kulashekara a:lwa:r (author of Mukunda Maala) is such a devotee. He was very fond of listening to any Bhagavad Katha, he was immersed in those songs. He ruled his kingdom of Kerala. He is an example of a devotee whose company will enrich all the seekers. It will reduce the impact of nature on the seekers, removes bondage and adds divine presence of God in their hearts thus filling it with all glory and grace.

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