Is there a scripture that can answer any question w.r.t past, present and future?

Yes, Bhagavad Geetha is one of the key teachings directly from the Lord himself that encompasses Vedic essence in a clear descriptive dialogue between Arjun and Sri Krushna.

How many of us have had questions such as below some time in our life?

Fortunately, Arjuna was put in a situation that represented the state of many of us.

Why is this right? Why should I do this? Why cannot I do that? What is the impact of my action? What is the reason for any suffering? Is there an end to all the suffering? How am I connected to the Universal Power? Is there anything beyond this life? Can I live here happily and still attain a peaceful state after death? How do I differentiate between right and wrong? Can my companionship affect my destiny?

Companionship of an ill-natured person can become the cause of your destruction. Dhrutharashtra dis-owned the righteous Pandavas and took the side of the unprincipled Kouravas. This led to the beginning of the destruction of him. As Sanjaya explained to Dhrutharashtra on what was happening in the battle-ground, the Geetha was revealed and written by Veda Vyasa. Thanking Lord for such a great scripture, We invite everyone to join in chanting the Bhagavad Geetha at 10am in Divya Saketham on the 29th Nov.

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