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Arrogance (mountain), a hindrance to God’s Grace (water)!

Most of us feel that we are not arrogant. But, residing in this body itself is an indicator of arrogance in us. Let’s see how. This body is a paancha bhowtika sareeram, made of the five elements of nature and is given to experience the results of our past actions, karma! If we are not [...]

Arrogance (mountain), a hindrance to God’s Grace (water)!2018-06-17T11:13:54+00:00

Cause for this Existence – One or Many?

Do you think that the cause for this existence is One or Many? Are there many factors that contributed to this Universe? Did everything we see emerge from nothing (Su:nyam) or from one qualified Supreme? Answers for all such questions are in our Upanishads! Upanishads say, ‘స దేవ సోమ్య ఇదమగ్ర ఆసీత్ ఏకమేవ అద్వితీయం’ Source: Jiva [...]

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ఆనంద ఆభాస! What is True Joy!?

Can any of us declare that we will experience only joy from this day forward? We can probably improve our perception towards what joy means and thereby handle any sad situation with much more matured state of mind. That is good. But, that is not the same as experiencing true joy. Upanishad clearly mentions Source: [...]

ఆనంద ఆభాస! What is True Joy!?2018-06-08T12:22:55+00:00

Prajna Summer Camps 2018

This year Prajna Summer Camps were conducted in multiple places - Sapthagiri Colony, Hanuma Konda, Chennai etc. The kids were taught values of life and were given practical tips on how to improve their memory, concentration and speaking skills. The kids loved the camps very much and were eager to join such camps in Source: [...]

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