On the occasion of Godavari Pushkarams HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji will stay at Bhadrachalam Asramam from July 14th 2015 to July 16th 2015. As the Godavari Pushkarams will start from 14th July,  2015, HH announced that he will be conducting Brahma Yagna on the first two days of pushkarams at Bhadrachalam , the abode of Lord Sitha Ramachandra Swami and then Brahma Yagna continues for the next five days at Mancheriala and for the last five days at Rajamundry. Sundara Kanda Parayana will be chanted and Nadi puja will be performed. All are welcome.

Nithya Annadanam will be provided to all visitors coming for pushkarams from July 13 to July 27.  You too can be part of this grand event by sponsoring for Annadanam. Suggested donation for one day – Rs. 25,000.

Vikasa Tarangini requires 250 volunteers for this program. If you are interested to volunteer, please contact — Mr. Janardhana Bhattar at 9848528429.