Today being the Vighna Niva:raka Chathurtthi, Vishwakse:na puja was done with all devotion and fervor under the guidance of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in the presence of Ahobila Jeeyar Swami and Nepal Krishnamacharyaswami. After the regular aradhana to Sri:ra:ma pariva:ram, Vishwaksena’s colorful murthi was seated on a special platform duly decorated with green leaves and flowers. After punyahavachanam, aradhana was done on the stage led by Madhuswami. All the devotees chanted the namavali of Viswaksena and offered flowers.
HH spoke at length on the importance of Vighnana:yaka’s puja…………
He is the Vighne:swara, lord of ‘vighnas’ (obstacles) When we pray to him he removes the vighnas (obstacles) in our way. Ups and downs are common in one’s life. One should learn not to be perturbed by difficulties or excited with successes. We should learn to study the problem for solutions and find out how to come out of it. The story of Syamanthakamani we recollect this day teaches us the same.
Krushna being the Lord was accused of stealing the gem Syamanthakamani by Sathra:jith. He was not shaken by it. He went on a quest, found it out and successfully brought it back and handed it over to Sathrajith, who was humbled by his gesture. Repenting for his hasty action, he offered Krushna his daughter and the gem too. This is what we need to learn by observing this story. There may be many stories floating around about the Bhadrapada Chathurtthi day but their authenticity is questionable. By worshipping Vishwakse:na, we be blessed with the mental strength to face the problems.
People who worship Sri Mahavishnu need to approach Lord through his commander-in-chief Vishwaksena, while those who worship Siva need to go to him through Vina:yaka, Ae:kadantha.
He also explained why we need to immerse the murthis in water after the puja. We invite the lord into the murthi made of metal or soil. If it is the metal, we can use them again after the conclusion of puja with abhishekam. If the murthi is made of one of the five elements like soil, after ‘udvasana’ (the lord is taken back from the idol) it has to be discarded just like our body which is also made of the elements of nature. Like we offer it back to fire (cremation), water or soil (bury), we have to immerse the idols in water bodies like ponds or rivers or wells.
Ahobilaswami spoke about the story of Vina:yaka, son of Parvathide:vi. He dealt in detail about Vishwakse:na’s form, nature and on the importance of the festival. Krishnama:cha:ryaswami spoke on the greatness of Vishavakse:na and how he takes care of Lord Narayana and the administration citing from various scriptures.
Thirttha goshti was done by Swamiji personally. Ahobilaswamy and Krushnamacharyaswami distributed the puja akshathas and later all were served delicious prasadam including appalu, pulihora and undrallu.


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