After Goda Kalyanam, several wings of Vikasa Tarangini and other women groups from in and around the duo states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh come to Divya Saketham and offer some essentials and delicious refreshments to the bride!

Ramantapur Vikasatarangini headed by Smt. Aruna Raghavareddy and Smt. Suguna Srinivas have come fully ready with several such great offerings to Goda Devi.

They said, ‘Ramanujacharya offered 108 porridge servings to Sundarabahu Swami perumal on behalf of Goda Devi. We are here to offer several essentials and snacks also 108 in number through the hands of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

Swamiji always says, ‘Most people miss out on experiencing God not because he doesn’t exist, but because they do not believe that he exists in Deity form’.

Let the glory of Goda Devi spread across the world and create an ever cherishing atmosphere for everyone!

Source: Jiva News