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Before answering this question, let’s see how Krushna categorizes people into two groups in Bhagaad Githa:

  • Sukruthulu ie: People who reach out to God through prayer for anything they need

  • Dushkruthulu ie: People who do not approach God for anything

Sukruthulu are further categorized into four groups:

  • A:rthaha – People who wish to regain lost wealth and approach God for it

  • Ardha:rthaha – People who wish gain new wealth and approach God for it

  • Jigna:suhu – People who wish to learn about self and seek self-realization and approach God

  • Gna:ni – People whose only wish is to serve God and are not able to bear separation with him

Observe the ‘Gna:ni’ group, if God has to grant their wishes – How can he do it in any other way than HE himself reaching out to them personally ? So, for these people ALONE he takes a form, and while HE is with them – HE clears out any hurdles that they have so that they serve him. Note that when HE wants to grant any wish to anyone – HE does it in a way that people are properly prepared mentally and physically to enjoy the wishes that are about to be granted by HIM. Just like, anything that we achieve when done through a well-structured way is more enjoyable than anything that we get out of magic or luck. The latter one may not even remain longer with us.

How great is an opportunity like that where HE comes to us?

First step is to believe in sa:stram/scriptures and believe in scholarly-elderly-practitioners-acharyas of Vedic lineage. Listen to them with open-mind and begin to practice to observe results.

Goda Devi is such a great Gna:ni. In this process, she calls out all of us to just say the name of God, chant, and sing his divine qualities. It is in generally known that we try and practice to think of good, or cultivate the habit of positive thinking. Why? Can the mere thought have an effect on how our day goes on? Yes, that is why we do it. In that case, imagine the effect of our thoughts about serving God, being with God, enjoying the most ultimate bliss with the TOP most power that rules the entire creation. HE is an utthama purusha ! So, our thoughts and the prayers about utthama purusha will definitely lead us to HIM.

Let’s observe why HE called utthama purusha(utthama – the greatest one, purusha – puri means body, one who stays in the body is purusha)

Barthruhari in Neethi Sa:stram said the following:

  • Utthama – One who works selflessly only for the benefit of helping others

  • Madhyama – One who helps others ONLY if there is also any benefit for him

  • Adhama – One who ONLY works for his benefits

  • Adhama:dhama – One who does not mind if he gets a benefit for him or not, but wants to make sure others don’t benefit

God is Utthamudu, HE is called purushotthama. HE has no other benefit than supporting us. It’ only up to us to take the help. But, it seems we are so egoistic not really sure if there is higher power and do not believe in HIM completely.

Goda Devi asks us to sing the name of such purushotthama. The name will begin to have impact in us and prepares us for that ultimate bliss which ONLY he can help with.

Coming back to our original question – YES, that is why HE takes a form so that these devotees are able to serve HIM the way they want to. Some devotees might wish for serving him:

– through a garland
– through washing his feet
– through a hug
– through feeding him personally
– asking him to take away sorrows of everyone and more such wishes…

While the devotees cannot bear the separation with God, their wish always includes the betterment of everyone around them. They want all of us to be in the highest state and have all sorrows washed away.

Goda Devi loved Ranganatha so much that when she began to pray for his grace, she asked for the rain god to shower like how God’s bow (sa:rnga) showers the arrows. She asked for the clouds to give lightning in a way that it resembles the sound of God’s divine conch (pa:nchajanya). Such a great poet she is. There are so many poets who admire nature, but observe how she compares nature to God’s attributes/ornaments. She does not compare God to nature, but compares nature to God because she cannot compare God to anything lower than HIM.

The way she perceives everything as a manifestation of the supreme power makes her an extremely great poet and devotee, above all a great mother figure who is all compassionate to help us to reach the ultimate bliss!

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