Principals of JET Vedama, Aagama, Divya Prabandha schools, Sriman Mudumbai Madhusudana Acharyulu, Sriman Maranganti Govardhana Acharyulu, Srimathi Neela have played a key role in conducting the exams in a systematic, disciplined and authentic manner. 135 students from all over Bharath appeared and 80 students passed the exams. Not an easy task! The tests were thorough, detailed and properly weighed the strength of the student in the area that they were questioned in. Out of the 80 students, 38 42 of them are from Vedam, 30 from Sri Pancharathra Aagamam, and 8 from Nalayara Divya Prabandham have passed in first and second grades. The remaining passed in third grade.

Sri Swamiji addressed the students saying, ‘You should all feel fortunate to be born in a family of Vedic tradition. It is our responsibility to protect vedic literature and philosophy. You should all not stop at core of Vedam, but should continue learning Veda Bhashyam and Mimamsa Sasthram. That will enable you all to face the challenges and questions being posed on Vedic tradition in all times’. Swamiji’s encouraging words and the great atmosphere at JIVA campus was a divine treat for all the students.

At times of modern living and luxuries, it is only a blessing that we have Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji who connects to current generation without losing the roots of Vedic tradition. He is not only the perfect example but also a true walking form of Vedam.

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Source: Jiva News