Sriman Siva Rama Prasad from Sathyanveshana Mandali came to Sithanagaram asramam today morning. He paid his obeisances to the lord in the yaga sala. All the vedic students & devotees   gathered in the yaga sala, Sriman Sriva Rama Prasad addressed them explaining about the greatness of Indian constitution and implored everyone that one should sing National Anthem every morning along with reading of Constitution of India. Speaking on this occasion, HH Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji stressed one’s role in the development of the country and said our country will be on the top only if we show our respect and devotion towards our motherland. HH agreed to the advice of Sriman Siva Rama Prasad and encouraged the kids to read the constitution of India everyday after singing National Anthem.

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Source: Varija News