If one is fortunate to be born as a man or a woman, he or she is not assured that they will be born again as a human being. What is to be done in this life? Use this unique life well. Hard work with integrity is essential. Giving a helping hand should become a second nature. Hurting others is to be decried, as hatred and jealousy are non-conductors of spiritual energy. For all this we need His help. Lord Krishna says in Bhagavat Gita.

“ Arjuna, I chose to reveal the profound secret of Bhakthi to you as you are free from jealously and hatred.”  With this human body, if we can conquer jealousy and hatred, then we can achieve anything including limitless Bliss. So the aim of human birth is to eliminate the need of rebirth in this mundane world, Of course, all this is His effort.

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