Thousands of students gathered at Malla Reddy Group of Institutions to listen to Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s address on the 2nd of November. The Chairman addressed and instructed the students to pay attention to each word of Swamiji because he believes that every statement that Swamiji makes has Vedic relevance and is bound to make us all wise. Also, addressing was Sriman Purushottam Garu, Professor – Osmania University, detailing various ways that Sri Swamiji has been a great source of right inspiration for people in various walks of life through a number of social service programs!

Here’s an excerpt from Swamiji’s address exclusively for our dear readers! 

Swamiji first asked the students, ‘Raise your hands if you think the above statement is true.’ All the students raised their hands and then Swami began to speak…

The statement ‘మనవ సేవే మాధవ సేవ’ made man believe that he is superior to all other species. How? Let’s see. For ex: There are two paintings in front of you and you say, ‘this painting is so beautiful’, it automatically means that the other painting is comparatively less attractive. Considering the above statement, man began to perceive himself to be important and believed that it is for his pleasure that the entire creation exists.

For a mother of two children, both of them are equally important and she adores them both with utmost care. Let’s take your body and ask yourselves – what part do you like more? Every part is equally important for us live happily. We pay more attention to any part that is not functioning well so that we have a complete working body to support us.

Similarly, God wants his entire creation to be intact. But, the statement gave stress on well-being of man and opened doors for spoiling the rest for his welfare! This is not right.

The statement can be corrected, మాధవ సేవ గా సర్వ ప్రాణి సేవ!

Swami asked students, ‘How do you categorise all the beings’. Amongst several responses, Swami explained the way Vedam categorises the beings

  • Sthavara (inert)
  • Thiryak (movable – horizontal like animals, reptiles etc.)
  • Jangama (movable – vertical – human beings)
  • Devatha (unseen but powerful – wind, sun, water, air etc.)

God’s creation has all the above categories of existence and it is unfair that we dominate, squeeze and extract, excavate resources from nature and other beings for pleasure and comfort rather instead of limiting to survival.

Swamiji now asked the students, ‘Raise your hands if you think the first statement is true.’ None of the children raised their hands. They applauded the message and were happy to understand why it is important to consider ourselves one amongst the entire creation rather than supreme!

Swamiji also conveyed his valuable message along the following lines – ‘It is very important for all of you – the future engineers to know this so you all can take right decisions in your career. If your mind cannot think broadly, you will end up taking decisions for your own self. It is so critical that you act responsibly not only to yourself, your family, but also for society and for the entire existence. Automatically, you will then be working as an instrument of God and will have the power to execute your thoughts well

Swamiji also informed all the students about the root of all this great knowledge to be Bhagavad Ramanuja, whose 216 feet high sitting statue is coming up at JIVA, asram. The statue will stand as a symbol of equality and pride of the nation and the entire mankind! Swamiji invited all the students to take part and be inspired to live right!

– From Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami’s discourse at Malla Reddy Group of Institutions on 2nd Nov’2017

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